The Transition Phase. Lessons Learned?

Hey all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I appreciate your patience with me diving right in with a question. Ive been scavenging the VDiet threads trying to compile some answers, and so far this is the one that I havent nailed anything specific…so I apologize if this is repetitive material.

Im on week two of the Velocity diet. Ill admit its difficult dealing with everyone telling me how crazy I am, but still going strong. Im so far quite satisfied with myself that Ive followed it to great detail so far. I do believe its an extreme diet, but I think its worth trying and many here have shown great results and have good things to say.

The one thing Im still nervous about is the transition phase and beyond…i.e the potential of the rebound weight. I had a pretty healthy grasp on diet, calorie control, and healthy foods before beginning the diet…Im just more concerned about the bodies reaction after several weeks of calorie deprivation and few solid meals.

For those of you who have completed the full diet, what did you learn in the transition phase and after? Did you experience any amount of weight gain after going back to solid meals that you would fault on the diet? Any suggestions for those of us looking to follow in your footsteps?

Many thanks and kudos to those who have seen this through. Whether its an ideal diet or not, you most certainly have to come out of it with a greater appreciation for self control and what you are capable of.


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