The Start of Something Great!

Well, here we are. My biggest attempt at losing this fat that’s been dragging me down my whole life. I’ve been working out for roughly 12 years. You’d think I’d have gotten more results than this by then.

The workouts have been ok (actually great in the last 15 months), but my Achille’s heel has always been nutrition. Took me 3 years in the beginning to accept that it’s 70% nutrition and 30% perspiration. I now eat better than I ever had in the past (notice I didn’t say I eat great…just better), but that must still not be enough, because my weight has not moved from 250 in 4-5 years. I’m 30, 6’1’’, wear size 38 pants, and I’m about to have to shop at Mr. Big and Tall because of my size 50 chest. My weakness is sugar, and eating late at night. Sounds familiar?

I believe I have been plagued with one of the worst metabolisms in the world. Slow as molasses in January. I don’t even want to think what I would look like if I didn’t work out. I try to control my portions, eat slowly, and bring everything down to multiple small meals slowly, but nothing works.

That’s probably why the V-diet has appealed so much to me. The intensity, the pure shock of it is such a drastic change from what I’ve done in the past, that it’s now a the next logical step to take. And of course, the sheer supplement cost and documenting will help keep me on track. When I first read about it, and the Gus Pancho case, it seemed to ring a bell.

A guy with decent slabs of muscle on him, but who had always been husky, if not pudgy. A guy who had had ENOUGH of looking good only with his shirt on, but who didn’t want to lose muscle mass while dieting.

The workout part should not be such a big issue in my case. I have been on Waterbury’s Muscle Revolution for like 13 months now and have gotten used to his style, although I sicked up once or twice during the first few months. I have tried every program in the book and am now on the TSP.

My partner and I both have had impressive strength gains, something even my football teammates noticed after 6 months on the program. That tire flippin’ definitely got easier. His program is the ONLY one to have had that effect on me. Needless to say I’m eager to try this new one from him.

Why, some of you may ask, have I written such a long preamble? The answer is simple : accountability. I want to have people following my ramblings, so that I know I have someone expecting to see changes in me, and on the lookout for them. So that’s it for now. I’ll wait for the big box of supplements to arrive, and I will then post the measurements and pictures.

Hope to see you then, and if you’re on the diet now, way to go and hope it’s everything you wished it to be!

You sound like you’re ready to rock this diet!

Looking forward to following your progress!

Got that right Chris. The big guy thing has gotten old. The start of a double chin, the 18-wheeler sized tire around the waist, the fat almost making a fold in the back…it’s gotta go. I’m at an age where I actually feel and see my metabolism slow down further.

It shows in the fat piling up, but also in the time required to recover from workouts and injuries. I need to fight it now while it’s still somewhat easy. I’ll be doing my knees a favor NOW, and my heart a favor 20 years from now.

I have a question about one of the supplements. This may not be the right place to ask this but oh well. It’s about Metabolic Drive protein. Why did it take so long for anyone to find a way to create a commercially viable version of it since MET-RX?

If the concept of micellar casein turning into a gel when combined with and acidic environment is so well understood, why not create something years ago? Maybe i’m not asking the right person, if that’s the case feel free to say so. It just seems like the financial obstacles should have been overcome years ago.

Cost. Metabolic Drive is mainly sold through this site, not at brick and mortar stores. If Biotest sold it there, it would run around $90 or more per bottle. Basically, Biotest kept the quality high and ditched the middle man. Most companies keep the middle man and start skimping on ingredients and quality.

Quick update. Found my tape measure in gym bag 2 days ago, so measured the belly (could also have called it jelly…) out of curiosity. It’s worse than I thought. The biggest point showed 42 inches. I really need this. Can’t wait for the ___ stuff to get here, so I can get this show on the road…

Awesome JF! We’ll be waiting for you here when you get started. You’re right, being accountable and coming back here on a regular basis to update and see how others are progressing has been instrumental in getting me through this. Were it not for all these other people who know and understand what I’m doing based on first hand experience, the road would be a whole lot rockier and steeper.

thanks, appreciate the support! how did it go for you? How much did you lose, how did you feel during and after, and how was the post diet? after the 6 weeks i mean…

Hah Im still on day 10. Days 2-4 I felt like a bombed out zombie. After day 4, I woke up on day 5 feeling like a new person. Week 1 results included around 12 inches lost and 8 pounds down. I feel great now. Rarely do I have any food cravings except when I cook for the family and even then if I drink a shake Im fine. It’s just routine now. Just go through the day, drink shakes, no mental fogginess, no tiredness, no sickness, just no big deal. Workouts are tough but that means they are a WORKout.

I’ve found a carb cycling diet I will try when Im done with transition, and a lady on figure athlete forums who got transformation of the week has a great training program Im going to follow for a few weeks.

Hey again! Here we are! Started the diet this morning. Everything is in place, tested the 1rm’s for the training program this weekend in purest Waterbury style. My meals are all prepared for the next week in separate ziploc bags with everything in it: Protein, leucine, superfood and flax seed. I just grab one appropriate for the current time of day, put it in shaker or blender, and here we go.Just add a Flameout cap.

I already reaped the first benefit from the diet: got to sleep in an extra 15 min from time saved making breakfast. 5:45 sounded a lot better than 5:30 this morning… It’s currently 9:45, and I’M starting to feel the first pangs of hunger. Not bad…3h30 min after taking the shake! Ok so here are the measurements. Pics coming up tonight when I get home.

Height: 6?1??
Weight: 250lbs
Neck (at adam?s apple): 17.5??
Shoulders: 51.5??
Chest ? Upper (2?? above nipple): 50??
Chest ? Lower (at nipple): 49.5??
Waist - at Navel: 44??
Waist - at largest: 45.5??
Hips - at largest: 43.5??
Upper Arm ? L: 15??
Upper Arm ? R: 15??
Upper Leg ? L: 26??
Upper Leg ? R: 26??
Lower Leg ? L: 16.5??
Lower Leg ? R: 16.5??
Ankle ? L: 10.5??
Ankle ? R: 10.75??

Tonight should be interesting…we’re having a late snow storm here around Moncton, but I’ll still take care of the NEPA by walking to the gym and back. If you can get through this…lol. Ok tty guys tonight…

Here are the pics. For kicks, I added a picture of all the baggies one week of this diet requires. I found it to be a pretty good idea…just grab a bag and go. Obviously you figured out that the question marks in the measurements are apostrophes. Now 7 pm of day 1. I’ve had this slight hunger all day…not a big deal, nothing that will make me go out of my mind, just annoying. But it wouldn’t be working if it wasnt like that!

Second pic

Third pic

Bonus pic

Ok, 2030h of day 2. This is getting pretty rough actually. NEPA only today, was shitty outside so went to the gym. I tried treadmill and 4mph means heart at 130 in my case, so now i can actually vary the methods and include stepper or anything else as long as the heart remains at the same rate…at least I think.

Was supposed to do homeworks today, but body and mind weren’t in it. I don’t have much energy even with fat burner. I know this will get better…just can’t wait for it to happen. I’m miles away from giving up though, it’s not an option whatsoever, but today was annoying. I’m 45 min from calling it a day and let sleep work its magic. Woke up with stomach cramps last night, will probably go get fiber tabs before going home tonight. Probably calcium too, since I’M getting all crampy today.

Final note…weighted myself at the gym today on same scale as initial weight-in. I know that doesn’t mean much, because of daily weight fluctuations…but i’M at 243! 7lbs in 3 days. Normal fluctuations only go so far…Hope this keeps up!

I have to admit this guy has got what it takes to make it through I would KNOW I train with him … we have been almost through the entire muscle revolution book together over the past year and might I say this V-Diet program is hardcore.

keep up the good work


You’ve got one thick back. Can’t wait to see the nasty lat spread after the diet.

First week’s the toughest, but it gets easier with time. Post often, especially if you’re struggling. Best of luck!


Thanks boys. Really appreciate the support, especially since not many ppl had visited my thread so far, what with all the people posting on their own threads all the time. Pat got that right, the advanced V-Diet training is pretty hardcore. for a 250 lbs guy with bad bicep tendons to do wide grip pull ups…not easy!!! Anyway, thanks for the compliment jo3, i’ve never been told that before.

Today is day 4…it was a bit better than day 2 and 3, as austin2174 said. Hopefully things keep getting better. I have to say that now that the stomach is getting used to it, I’M rarely hungry, so that makes it more bearable. It’s not a matter of hunger, but rather of a need to chew on something salty. I’d love to bite in a big steak, but I’m handling it well. I also read one of the threads or Shugart’s articles when i’M in a slump. Last night’s workout was harsh, as Pat said, especially with how little carbs I have available for energy.

Lost 1/2 lbs yesterday, down to 242.5. Official weight in on Sunday.
Stay hungry, stay focused, stay strong!

Glad you’re starting to feel better :wink: It’s only uphill from here.

Thanks! happy to hear it! Thank god i’M seldom hungry…otherwise this would be so much harder.

Day 6. Everything is going great. I’m seldom hungry now, i actually sometimes have a hard time finishing the shakes. But that might actually be because i’m sick of the taste and having only a liquid input… anyway doesn’t matter. I’m on warpath and I’ll keep going.

Weighted myself yesterday, no weight lost from the day before, still at 242.5. Going for Vburn challenge later today, then HSM. I’ll probably be going to the Keg for a striploin and salad, or sushi. What do you guys think if that?

Did day 3 of the the advanced training last night…was excruciating. And I’d like to blame it on the lack of carb energy, but my gym partner had a hard time too and he eats like a horse. I realized I havent given lots of feedback on my workouts so far so i’ll start today. Here’s how the day went :

5 shakes as usual
5L of water

workout (heavy 4-5rm)total reps 25, rest 30s
NEPA : 45 min stationary bike
Front Squat: 205lbs 10-9-6
Bench Press Close grip: 205lbs 6-7-5-4-3
Chin up: no weight 6-6-6-7
Push press: 135lbs 5-5-5-5-5

There you are. Breakdown of a day. The fact that i was up at 5h30 for work surely didnt help make me preppy for that 18h30 workout. More tomorrow or tonight after hsm

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