The Start of a New Me-- V-Diet Experience

Ok guys… I’ve researched and researched and read and asked and here goes… I am ready to start my V-Fiet

I am not able to take the HOT-ROX and will be using the Se7en and Carbolin 19 instead…(and if i decide to take the BCAA when should i take them just curious)

Its going to be an awesome journey… everyone seems like they are very helpful especially the ones that have already tried and succeeded on the diet… So I will ask questions if i need and I know you guys will help…
I will even post my measurements… scary… but am psyched to try this!

I actually have a question before i begin… Since i will be working out the in morning should i hold off on drinking a shake until after so i was thinking

Wake up - one Se7en work out and Surge
then a shake would that be ok?
Or should i just work out and then come home take the Surge, Se7en and then my shake

So here goes… I will keep everyone posted with my journey and my process…

hey! good luck, i just started today! Let us know how you do!

  1. If you choose to take BCAA (which is optional), then our usual recs are:

3 tablets upon waking
3 before bed
3 between any shakes during the day
3 between two other shakes in the day

That’s assuming you’re using the Biotest BCAA tablets. Not sure how that would break down with other brands or forms.

Or the minimal approach:

3 tablets upon waking
3 before bed

  1. Weight training on an empty stomach isn’t ideal, so I’d suggest getting in at least half a shake before lifting.

Ok so I started the V-Diet
ITs going pretty good
I am writing down exactly what i am doing but i have what may seem like a silly question
The scoop that is in the Metabolic Drive… it has 2 lines per say so is the whole thing considered 1 scoop or where the line is is that considered one scoop… i know i know its a silly question but it confused the heck out of me soo im hoping i am doing it correctly but want to know what your answers are before i tell you what i did :slight_smile:

Anyway the plan is going good today was my walking day but i decided to go boxing because i paid for the membership and now i am going to go… so i didnt walk but i did boxing---- i cant help it… i dont know if that is really bad and i will stop if you think i shouldnt do it
anyway here is my plan it goes somthing like this

Wake up
2 scoops Metabolic Drive,
2 fish oil
1 serving flax
1 Se7en
1 Carbolin 19

fiber choice

Surge (After my work out)
waited 2 hrs then had lunch

1 scoop Metabolic Drive
with ice

mid afternoon
1 scoop of Metabolic Drive
1 Carbolin 19

fiber choice

Evening meal
1.5 Scoop choc

Nighttime meal
1.5 scoop Metabolic Drive
milled flax
2 fish oil
1 Se7en
1 tbs almond butter

wake up
1 Se7en
1 Carbolin 19
1 scoop Metabolic Drive
1/2 serving flax
went boxing

before work
1 scoop cho Metabolic Drive
1/2 serving flax
2 fish oil

fiber choice

1 scoop Metabolic Drive
1 Carbolin 19

fiber choice

This is where i am right now
I smell every kind of food its crazy but i have done well i think so far… i would love any comments as far as how i am doing so far… the scoop thing really got me though haha
Anyway hope this goes well!!!
I am thinking of getting that rubber band and snapping it on my wrist…

Oh by the way i am at the lose 35 or more lbs for women so is my protein less than what it should regularly be? hmmm now i wonder

Thanks! Good luck to you as well.

Are you going to do a weekly weigh-in?

On Sundays i will do it right before i do the measurements thats my healthy meal day!

how is it going so far? I kind of like the simplicity of it and not having to plan out meals and do dishes :slight_smile:

Ok guys im on week 3 of the V-Diet and its going ok I guess
I have been following the diet and I lost 6 lbs so far and I only lost about 2 inches
I gained an inch around my leg and most everything else stayed the same
Really strange I think since i see everyone else losing alot more than that
So i am not sure if i am doing something wrong

Here is my schedule

I am doing the advanced routine
Here is my diet every day except for Sundays (where i have my Solid Meal)

2 Scoops Metabolic Drive
1 Se7en
1 Carbolin 19
1 cup of coffee
2 fish oil
1 TBS Flax

Mid morning
1 Fiber

1 Scoop MD

On workout days i workout in the afternoon so i will have my met drive after my lunch and then my Surge after workout)

1 Scoop MD
1 Carbolin 19

Evening Meal
1 Scoop MD
2 Fish oil

Post evening meal
Fiber choice

Night Meal
2 Scoops MD
1 Se7en
Almond Butter
Milled Flax

Water throughout the day

My Meals are on Sundays
and i will have either a piece of chicken or steak, salad with greens oil and vinegar dressing and either brown rice or a yam
That is what i had the last two weeks

I will add the workouts as i go but for now i have followed the workouts for the Advanced, and progressing through and now i am on week 3
I have the progression written down at work so i will post it when i get home later but basically this is it

I have done well i think considering that most of my friends and family dont know that i am doing the diet…
So here is my deal
I will write my inches and weight when i am done

Any suggestions?

You plan looks good, and you have lost at least some weight. My only explanation could be that you arent taking the HOT-ROX. i dunno though!

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