The Single Greatest V-Diet Benefit

Being only a week in, I cant say exactly how well the V-Diet will work, in terms of ultimate weight and body fat loss. The kicker for me, and the reason why I didnt pick a less extreme diet, like perhaps a CKD, is the dietary habit change at the end. It’s somewhat funny, because my mother always told me something along the same lines. She told me I had a sweet tooth just like her, and the only way to kick the habit was to not have sweets (or high carbs of course), for a while, and eventually I’d stop craving them.

For ball in college, the team pretty much lived solely off of chicken breast and hard boiled egg whites. Since school ended, I’ve admittedly lapsed into pasta mode, haha. I didnt put on too much weight at all, but I just knew that a normal diet wouldnt ultimately get me to where I wanted to be, which is to completely kick the habit of desiring sweets or high carbs. It appears the V-Diet has had much success in doing just that.

I mean, I’m already one who appreciates a good piece of fish. Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Grouper, they’re all just great. I cant even imagine how good a nice piece of fish will taste for an HSM or as part of a regular diet afterwards.

Remember, instant gratification is nice, and something everyone wants, but definitely do not downplay the ability to make a big and lasting change in your diet. To be able to get the same level of gratification from a piece of grilled fish or chicken as from a burger, fries, and ice cream?

Almost too good to be true.

Cheers, and good luck to all with their transformations.

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