The Return to Former Glory


You have heard the story time and time again… I am just a dude that in high school wrestled, played football, and baseball, ate whatever I wanted and never had to worry about a thing. Then a couple years into college, I stopped lifting anything except another peice of pizza or can of beer to my mouth.
Well, now out of college since 2006, I am stationed in Kuwait as a DoD contractor and I woke up one morning after going to bed at 8 pm and realized that I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. So, this running post will start my journey back to my former glory.

I am currently sitting at 301 lbs @ 38% Body Fat (WTF!?!), am 6’1" and 27 years old. Went to the gym for the past week and lifts are as follows:
Bench: 275 x 3
Dead: 405 x 3
Squat: 315 x 3

Weight: 245 lbs
Bench: 1.8 x bodyweight ~440 lbs
Dead: 2.5 x bw ~615 lbs
Squat: 2.0 x bw ~490 lbs

Figured the V-Diet would be a good way to kick off the transformation. I will be taking a trip to Thailand next week, but will being starting upon my return back. Time to feed the Animal.


Awesome. Keep us posted!


Well day 2 down… no big issues, I have been cutting dowqn and watching my diet for a couple weeks now, so I am actually having trouble finsihing the shakes during the day.

I have stuck to the supplements on the diet except for the first day, I simply could not handle that last bedtime shake.

I work in Kuwait, on 12 hour shifts. Wake up at 0500 and get home around 1930. Got to the gym the first night around 2100, after my workout and chugging down the Surge Recovery drink post workout, I just had no room left for the bedtime shake.

Is this a bad thing? I woke up the next morning and did not feel hungry or anything… just a question.


Today for lunch the Boss decided to spring for Papa John’s…

Good thing this Banana Cream shake is so delicious!


So, day 4 of the diet and day 2 of workouts is in the book. I am going to head off to bed in 30 minutes or so. Still having a few issues…

Workouts are going good, but I do have a question… I see the recommended total reps and reps per set. For workout 2, I tried to pick a weight that I thought I could do about 20 good solid reps and do the first set as explosive as possible until the 16 rep max. Then continue up until reaching the 50 rep total… does this sound right, or should I go heavier (15 reps all out effort) and do more sets with less reps per set average?

I took a stop watch with me until I get my timing down.

Also, with the shakes again… it just seems the shakes are too filling for me at night. Working 12 hours everyday and taking about 30 minutes for the workout plus time to and from the gym does not leave a lot of time between the Surge Recovery and Bedtime meal… is this meal going to make or break my progress? I am spacing my meals out during the day 3.5 - 4 hours… this leaves me with breakfast, and 3 meals in the shaker at work. I do not feel hungry during the day, usually start getting a slight appetite come on around 20 minutes or so before it is time to hit the next shake.

Just some questions…

Overall though, I am liking the diet so far… definitely not a starvation diet though I did expect a little more from the Strawberry flavor in the MD Protein. The other 3 flavors I have are great!


[quote]OrangeBulker wrote:
definitely not a starvation diet though I did expect a little more from the Strawberry flavor in the MD Protein.[/quote]

Mix the strawberry with chocolate and give that a try.


Week 1 down!

0.6 kg Wild Salmon with mixed vegatbles (zucchini, orange and yellow peppers). Threw that on top of a bed of long grain rice. And was too full to finish the rice or veggies. Couldn’t even squeeze in dessert…

Meal was good, but think I may have eaten too much, should have ate slower.

Back to the shakes today… and some more gym time!


I found some pictures from when I arrived on ground. It is almost sad that I let it get that bad. It is what it is and soon it will be no more.


You are definitely making progress, keep up the good work.


Regarding the shakes and your appetite, it sounds like you may be experiencing something similar to what I went through. Your body may not be tolerating the whey in the shakes very well. I was bulking and drinking several shakes a day. At first it wasn’t a noticeable problem, but over time my appetite got ridiculously low and I felt nauseous often. It wasn’t until I ran out of whey and went without it for a week, that my appetite tripled and I felt great. Thats when I finally made the connection.

Just ask yourself if youre appetite was greater before you started taking the shakes, and if so, you may want to experiment and go without them for a week. You can switch to a different protein powder if necessary.

PS When I say I had no appetite I mean I was gagging trying to get food down and couldnt even eat half a sandwich. Then again, I was bulking and you are cutting, so this could be a blessing in disguise for you! lol


Appreciate all the respones thus far. It has been a while wince I have been on here, but I am back stateside now and looking to run another V-Diet for a month.

Brian14: I do not know if it was the wheymessing with me or not. I ended up injuring myself just after the diet concluded. I have been focusing the last couple months on getting my diet supper clean. I have been very successful w/ the exception of New Years… but I am gonna let that one slide.

All and all, I am down to 235 lbs currently (down from a 315 scale tipping last year) and looking to do one more V-Diet to cut the final 20 lbs of fat or so from my frame. Strength has seen some gains too and I have been playing around with a the 5/3/1 programming and it is working for me thus far. Gonna give that a run for the next 6 months or some and see where I get.

But, the new diet is ordered!


Day one… again. Weighed in last night at the gym. 255.2 lb in clothes. Let’s see what 6 more weeks will get me!


Massive progress here, one question how the hell did you gain 20lbs in 15 days?


[quote]Marzouk wrote:
Massive progress here, one question how the hell did you gain 20lbs in 15 days?[/quote]

Well I guess that happens when you use a cheap 10 year old bathroom scale… 255 is from the gym scale. I will be using that one from now on!

Possible derailment on the V-Diet however. Just found out today that I am going to be traveling to Japan for a week. That will come about 2 weeks into the V-Diet. Going to try and hold to the diet as strict as possible, but not sure of the next time that I will be in Japan so not sure how well that will work.

Sure wish I would have know this before kicking off the diet, but oh well…

Definitely one of the nights will be my HSM day, so maybe I will get by. I think I will get a chance to go back later on in the year…

Deadlift day today… #COMMIT!


Today is end of week 1 on the diet. No problems, except my eyes were bigger than my stomach for the HSM. No worries… was sad to throw away that good food though…

Progress… feeling good and weighed in at 247.2# at the gym. Next week after the weigh in, I will get some progress picks and update body stats…

Leave for Japan on Sunday… but they do have a Gold’s in Tokyo!


Here is some update pics. Actually have stuck to the diet even with visiting to Japan. I can say that I am looking forward to my next trip, because the food looks delicious and smells great… Even tracked down the Gold’s Gym right next door to the Hotel.


You are smashing the hell out of this!


wow very impressive. good job! can you fill us in on what your diet was like when you were not V-Dieting?



Diet before the V-Diet. Since early November time frame it has been primarily grilled chicken, spinach, and egg whites. Mix in some other veggies and mushrooms to try and add a little variety to it. Unfortunately, however, I did not quite do as well on the weekends. Between November and early January timeframe, I was traveling a lot on the weekends and really eating what ever the friends were in the mood for and drinking pretty heavily on the weekends.

During the week diet consisted of;
1/4 c Dry Irish Steel Cut Oats
1 Scoop Metabolic Drive (Usually Choc)
1 Tbsp Natural Cashew Butter
1 Pinch Cinnamon

Mid Morning
1 Scoop Metabolic Drive

6-8 Oz Grilled Chicken
1/3 c egg whites
1 c baby leaf spinach
1 tsp EVOO
Hot Sauce
Garlic Powder

Mid Afternoon
1 Scoop M.D.

6-8 Oz Grilled Chicken
1/3 c egg whites
1 c baby leaf spinach
1 tsp EVOO
Hot Sauce
Garlic Powder

Anaconda Protocol 2

Late Night
1 Scoop M.D.
1 Tbsp Cashew Butter
2 Tbsp milled flaxseed

Since the new year, I have been very strict however, and have not deviated from the diet 1 bit. Really happy with the results so far!

Need to smash out the next few months and carry it through the rest of the year. I have set some short term goals, and long term goals.


cool, thanks. im looking for diet ideas for post V-Diet myself. how was the Anaconda protocol?