The Race Man Cometh

Hey all,

Been reading everyone’s posts for the last three weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger. My supplements came on Thursday and I’m starting Monday, April 13th.

I took a job nearly two years ago and haven’t worked out since I took the job. Until that job I’d considered myself a lifelong athlete. Now I’m in middle management. What I need to do is manage my middle.

Took my pictures today and they freaked me out a bit. They also pissed me off. I never thought I’d look like this.
Can’t wait to begin and turn my pony keg back into a six-pack.

Here are my measurements:
April 12, 2009
Age: 40
Height: 5? 11 ¾?
Weight: 186
Neck: 15 ½?
Shoulders: 46 ½?
Chest ? Upper: 40?
Chest ? Lower: 39 ¼?
Waist ? At navel: 39?
Waist ? At largest: 39?
Upper Arm ? L: 14?
Upper Arm ? R: 13 ¾?
Upper Leg ? L: 25?
Upper Leg ? R: 25?
Calve ? L: 15 ¾?
Calve ? R: 15 ¾?
Ankle ? R: 8 ½?
Ankle ? L: 8 ½?

Looking forward to posting my results over the next six weeks.

Good luck to all and thanks for reading.

Racin’ Jason

Kick the commitment up one notch and post your beginning photos! I accidentally posted mine without covering my face, so from that point on, I was 100% committed. And here I am, about to embark on week 4!

Looking forward to seeing your progress. You got it, Jason!


Welcome aboard, Jason!


Pics will be up in a day or two. Had to borrow a camera and waiting for photos to be emailed to me.

Day 1 is going well. My dog is psyched with an early morning NEPA walk.

racin’ jason

So the first day of the diet I found to be quite easy. I was pleasantly full the entire day.

I do have one question that maybe Chris can answer: Why was I so thirsty? I drank two gallons of water yesterday. Is it because of the HOT-ROX or maybe the Fiber Choice? Has anyone else consumed that much water? I never felt bloated, but I constantly felt parched.

The first day of training went well. I even thought the workout was short.

Hope to have pics up tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Racin’ Jason

Hey 4/13 Twin! Good to hear your first day went well. Keep it up! We got this!

Eye on the Prize and Stay Strong

  • Kirby

Keep up the good work man!

Raceman, I started on the same day. My photos are not up yet, but I look forward to following you as I do that same.

Keep it up!

Made it through day 3 no problem. Am feeling pretty good. The 2nd workout was a butt kicker. Had fun doing it! Seemed short though.

I am thinking of my Sunday HSM. Had dreams of real food. Planning the menu now. Anyone have anything extra special and clean that they do for their meals?


Racin’ Jason

Raceman, I too am looking forward to Sunday’s HSM. If you find a good idea, let me know.


Just checkin on you brotha. How’s it goin? Day 6, almost HSM time right?

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