The Price of a Mile (or Piggin Out)

Hi, on my last HSM i had weakness and so i had to take matter into my own hands…and i did,
170lbs on wednesday(day after the’incident’)nepa 2ominutes at 6.5km/h with incline before and after workout,thursday,30m nepa on empty stomach at 6,5km/h with high incline,walk the hill to my hospital,take the stairs all shift long,50minutes walk home from work.
Friday,168,6lbs,20m nepa before and after workout,with water,168,8.

So It sucks that All that energy was put toward going back on track and not going further on the track but am going to keep doing the above and at my next HSM ,am going to read this again and see if i still want that ramen cup and organic gluten-free tortilas!

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