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There’s a very old joke, in which a man jumps off a tall building. Halfway down he says to himself, “This is going really well so far.”

I’m on day 6 and have not noticed the lack of energy that so many do. Could this be because I’ve been doing low/no carb for the last several months? I have to say so far it’s been easier than I expected. Is there a wall waiting out there for me? I At what point do most people’s resolve need the most reinforcement?

Also, I’ve got a lot of fat to loose. 6’1" 250 lbs 22% BF. What do you all think about adding some cardio? As I said, I feel like I do have the energy.

  1. I do think how one feels on the V-Diet is related to where they were coming from. For example, if someone goes straight from junk food, food addictions etc. to the V-Diet, they may “hurt” for a few days, then adjust in week 2. So you had already cleaned up your diet, then you may not ever hit that wall. Things may get monotonous after 3 weeks, but that’s okay. I call that “the grind” - it’s boring but it works.

  2. I would never suggest cardio in the traditional forms, for anyone. But I’m a big fan of metcon. If you’re following the V-Diet training plan, there’s already one day of this (the V-Burn). But if you feel up for it, it’s okay to add in some Predator Conditioning a couple of times per week. And of course extra walking never hurts and really adds up over time.

Chris, thanks for your reply. Today is day 8 for me. Getting bored with the shakes of course but less than I expected. The fact that I am now seven pounds lighter than the day I started realy helps those shakes go down. About to go for my 1st HSM. I read your posts on HSM ideas and advice and I’m glad I did. Without realizing it, I had very much been looking forward to this meal as a cheat meal. So now I plan to not go whole hog and be more sensible.

On another note, my digestion is definitely changing. Am I morphing into a rabit? It certainly looks like was in the bathroom. I thought I might need more fiber. I am taking the no sugar chewables but the flax is a no go for me. Any other V_diet friendly fiber ideas? I don’t mind taking a bunch of large pills or the like but that flax in the morning shake almost made me yack.

Again, thanks for your help.

First keep in mind that you’re taking in less food so of course less waste will be produced. If you feel you need extra fiber, anything is fine. Whatever sugar-free product you prefer.

Chris, what do you think about adding one or two tablespoons of this sugar free jam to my dinner shakes?

I’d suggest skipping it. Not that it’s bad, but it’s a slippery slope and certainly won’t help.

Darnit! My wife said the exact same thing. Oh well.

Chris, I’m just writing to thank you for the Velocity diet. I finished the two week last phase about a month ago and I dropped a total of 22 pounds during the diet. When I started, almost everyone I told said either “That’s crazy!” or “They’re just trying to sell you a bunch of protein powder” or some combination of the two. Well, now (V Diet + one month) I’m 30 lbs lighter, Ive lost 4 inches off my waist and my sleep apnea is gone.

The physical changes are great but there are more important longer lasting effects. My taste for vegetables really did dramatically increase. I used to eat the main course and frequently skip the sides. Now, I enjoy the veggies as much as the meat. For me, that’s crazy. Most importantly, for the first time in my adult life, I feel like I’ve gotten portion size under control. I used to have to eat a lot to feel full. Now, my wife and I are both constantly surprised by how little it takes for me to be satisfied.

When we went out to eat it was always: appetizer, entree and desert. Now, its just the entree, and suddenly I’m Mr. doggie bag. I literally can not remember asking for a container to bring leftovers home before this diet. So, now that my taste for better food has improved I am getting full with a reasonable volume, its not hard to continue loosing at a sustainable pace without being hungry.
So, thanks for the diet, and thanks for the support. It changed, and continues to change my life.

Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it! Great job!

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