The Oiling of America (Video)


Hi Chris,
this presentation shows the beginning of the ‘heart-diet" association and the "lipid’ hypothesis in USA. Oh, and the growing promotion and use of vegetable oils in USA.
Quite fascinating:


Cool. Will check it out when I get a decent internet connection. Stuck with 1996 internet at the moment.




If you read “Fats that heal, fats that kill” by Udo Erasmus he explains how terrible the big oil industry and their lobbies have made for laws that allow production and handling of oils where they are exposed to heat light and air which is something that should NEVER happen.

It is a proven fact exposure to these changes the chemical structure of oil. Olive oil sitting on a shelf in a transparent bottle anyone? It no longer all olive oil. In fact some become trans fat. We’re also forgetting it was pressed using high heat and pressure in the presence of air.

It’s terrible they are allowed to sell these fats that become part of every cell in your body and contribute to degenerative diseases. They only have to tell you what it started as though. Enjoy your “Olive Oil” or whatever poisoned oils you decide to buy