The Newlyweds Transformation Log

we’ve begun the new phase in our transformation…28 days.

this will be our diary/log for the next month. we intend to inspire, amaze and share our experience with this “diet”, although its mnore of a life style change.

Background: were recent newly weds looking to transform our physiques to the next level. We’re both former members of the “we like to eat whatever, whenever we want and not exercise club” until one day we both had an epiphany that we only have one life and it’s not worth living it unhealthy and fat. we met as food lovers and treadmill part timers and five years later as married people, we changed our love for bad food and lethargy to fitness, clean eating and free weight training. our effort to change our lives for the better resulted so far in a combined lard loss of 110 lbs (65 him, 45 hers)

what was our secret you ask? right, exercise like its your job, and never give up(no excuses. none. thank you Chris Shugart - youre our inspiration during this journey! Thank you for those words of Wisdom)that sinmple. really. the best part of our on going transformation from fatties to wow! has been the reaction from those around us. family and friends have been amazed of our commitment to change, but the greatest satisfaction and inspiration comes from complete strangers who come up to us at the gym and compliment how good we look from a year ago.ummm, yeah that feels good!oh and not to mention, clothes look way better on us. basically its cool not being overweight!

we know we have more to go to reach our fitness goals. this is where the V-diet 3.0 and T-Nation come into play to help us raise the bar in our progress.We believe in change and hope others will continue to support us to reach them.

Day 1 has come and gone. (reactions/ comments on the program coming tomorrow)

so without further a due…Stats/pics

Height: 6’5"
Weight: 233 lbs
Shoulders: 23" wide
Chest: 44 3/4"
waist: 41"
Hips: 45"
Arm R(@ bicep): 13 1/2"
Arm L(@ bicep): 13 3/4"
Thigh R: 23 1/4"
Thigh L: 23 1/4"
Calf R: 16"
Calf L: 16"
Ankle R: 10"
Ankle L: 10"
Neck: 16 1/4"

Height: 6’0"
Weight: 206 lbs
Shoulders: 21" wide
Chest: 40 3/4"
waist: 43"
Hips: 47"
Arm R(@ bicep): 13 1/4"
Arm L(@ bicep): 14"
Thigh R: 21 1/4"
Thigh L: 21 1/4"
Calf R: 16 1/4"
Calf L: 16 1/4"
Ankle R: 10"
Ankle L: 10"
Neck: 14"

Thank you for your support. Let’s do this!!!

heres my pics…

Good job on doing it together. Doing this with my g/f and it makes it so much easier. Just a tip though, be careful to be a little more patient with each other. My g/f and I both got a little testy adjusting to the lower carb intake.

Thanks for your support! We’ve actually been reading your log. Keep it up!

well, DAY 1 is done and DAY 2 is coming to a close.

to recap DAY 1: intial reaction

ill describe it as a complete adjustment period. its kind of a hard hitting start. When your body resorts back to infant type feedings, the stomach is not really sure what is going on. Luckly for us we’ve have had Protein shakes on a daily basis over the past year, so adjustment to constant shake feedings wasnt too bad. Im (and my wife) are making a strong effort to follow the plan as outlined and staying on a strict eating schedule (ive programmed my phone alarms to coincide with mealtimes) We have our “meals” pre packaged/mixed in platic containers and 3 bottles on water. so all we need to do is dump, fill, shake drink. this shall be the routine. kinda boring but like i said, we commited to following through as outlined.

HOT-ROX: cool looking pills. i swallowed one the first day as soon as i woke up. i didnt really notice any adverse reactions. no jitters, unusual feelings, etc. i will say that i felt a little warming sensation at first, but it may have just been my mind trying playing tricks. i took another dosage at 4. i had a slight headache, but probably from the new routine.

Metabolic Drive protein: very impressed with flavors. Ive ordered all the flavors available, but mostly the chocolate. my first morning shake at 8am is quite large. i really feel it may be too much. i tried teh blender with ice and it made the shake rather thick. i find adding more water helps get it down better. im glad i ordered different flavors. variety will be key for the next 28 days. chocolate will get boring, unless you like that sort of thing. the remaining shakes are not too bad either. im definitely very full. never hungry. aslo the addition of the milled flax and natty peanut butter help alter the flavors for slightly different flavor/ texture each time.

L-Leucine/Superfood: havent really tasted anything weird about them. its good though. i kinda consider them the silent helpers.the servings are so small that it doesnt affect taste for me.

Flameout: ive used Omega 3 pills in the past, so not too surprised by these. the slightly fishy burps are expected, but are notr that bad. it really tastes like i finhed a tuna sandwich or a salmon fillet. the burps dont last very long. i find it very tolerable.

Day 1 was certainly a new experience. the NEPA was great. i feel content thus far!

Sorry for the lond review, but somenbody may find it useful. i probably will not post as much from here on out and a post every few days…keep the comments/support/suggestions coming!

Day 2

today we got the full V-Diet experience.What i mean is we had all the shakes/ supplements and the intermmediate workout. i end today compeletely exhausted. i can already say, V-Diet os not for the weak minded. it defintely takes focus, determination and a strong willed commitment and ive been working out religioulsy for over 1 -1/2 years now with 65 lbs already dropped.

Definitely noticed something different today. it involves my trips to the bathroom ( i tend to use the urinals at least 3X mnore that i ever used too!) i can only contribute this to my incresed liquid intake. its not so much a problem. its more of a nussance for me. my at work production level has decresed due to my back and forth from the bathroom. maybe its just me, but i can assume this a common occurance for others.

i pushed it today. i finished soaked. probaly pushed a litle too much. those walk out are killer!

came home and tried Original Surge PWO drink. first reactions: tastes like Pina Colada to me. i was expecting more Kool Aid Pruit punch, but its not that not a huge fan of Pina Colada, but ill get used to it. The Wife has the raspberry. her reaction: not the taste of Swedish Fish like she read about.She cant really explain what she tastes. We sipped them down and took our NEPA around the block.

the final Meal shake was not easy. We both felt extremely full and didnt think we could handle the last one. It made us feel a liitle bloated. 3 scoops is a lot. i think a fiber tablet wouldve sufficed.

im so looking forward the the HSM tomorrow. On our walk, we were certainly more keen to the smells eminating from the restaurant nearby, hgowever were not craving it. im really craving a huge spinish salad with grilled chicken…weird right?

off to bed…Day 3 ahead!

Good stuff! Keep it up. I actually stopped adding ice to my shakes and just using water and then chugging them down. It really helps with the volume. I was just getting way to full with the ice.

Glad you’re liking it so far. One thing that’s helped me with original Surge is to add 1 tsp of cranberry crystal light (the knockoff stuff from wal-mart). The tartness helps to kill some of the sweetness while adding a little flavor.

The bedtime shake is still a challenge for me most days.

It is great that you guys are doing it together. My wife and I are in week 2 of transition. It helps to have a built in support team! Good luck on a great success story!! You can do it!


Gawd, I love the Original Surge. Yeah, it’s crazy sweet, but after a hard workout first thing in the morning, it is mighty tasty to me…

I did mine alone, but I had some rockin’ support form my husband. I could NEVER have done it without him talk me from my ledge when I got to the point in week 4 when I just wanted a bite from my sons meatball with their spaghetti. At that point, I was going nuts, and he was really a great ‘coach’.

Still going strong over here. We even were able to resist the smells created by the baked ziti and apple pie we made today for some friends who recently had a baby. I normally love cooking so it was a chance to get in the kitchen and smell the good food- but no real desire to eat it.

The weekends are probably the hardest though because there is no distraction like during work- but we’ve made it. V-challenge was a challenge to say the leat but we finished all six circuit and are feeling it today.

One more shake for the night then off to bed.

I couldn’t even imagine making food for other people by choice. Kudos for making it through. I’m still struggling how to fit into social situations like family get togethers, but glad it’s working out for you two.

keep it up jreis!

[quote]rugbyfan wrote:
I couldn’t even imagine making food for other people by choice. Kudos for making it through. I’m still struggling how to fit into social situations like family get togethers, but glad it’s working out for you two.[/quote]

My plan for the social situations is to plan my weekly Unhealthy Solid Meals for those days! :slight_smile:

Getting ready to mix up the last shake of day 7, yeah! 25% there.

Jumped on the scale at the gym before working out, it appears I’m down about 2.5 and the hubby is down 5. Good results for one week, looking forward to next week.

We’re going to try to do measurements tomorrow. Beginning to plan out Saturday’s HSM- and looking forward to it.

Day 7- the first week down!

So, here we are, a week gone by on our Transformation. As my wife just mentioned, we are progressing rather well. Although i hate saying that and then jinx myself.

Nonetheless, the V-Diet program is proving itself already. i was happy to see the scale cooperating with my efforts. obviously hard work and determination should yield good results (for the most part.)

A few observations of the diet this far:

I wasn’t loving the shakes mid way through the first week. It was tough for me to even think about having my next one. I think it was because i was feeling so full from them that it felt so forced. But give it a week and now i feel my mind/body has grown accustomed to the change. im actually liking the shakes again. good thing right?!

I will say, that im having an issue with the milled flax seeds. i understand why they’re important, but i just dont like the texture/ taste they give off. to me it really alters the flavor the the MD shakes. Im not sure if going to flax oil would be a better route. i think perhaps if it was more powdered than grainy, i could accept it more. i guess it may just be me.

The workouts: they’re kicking my ass! we’re doing the intermmediate workouts and those prove to be very challenging, but in a good way. im really hoping to bring down my V Challange workout time on Sat. damn you walk outs! I’ll also add, Surge PWO is getting increasingly better than before. i enjoy the taste.

overall mood: comfortable, satisfied. my mind/body is turning into auto pilot. i dont really think about the next shake/meal, i just do them. The strong food cravings are not there. i do however look forward to my HSM this week! i think this diet will definitely help increase my love for savoring food than my previous love for just eating it without really thinking about it. i guess i would say that im aspiring to “eat to live” and not “live to eat”.

Cheers and good luck to everyone else!

On the flax, take a gander at my thread on milling your own flax seeds. Most often when folks aren’t enjoying the flax, it is because it has soured.

mreisworkout you are leaning quite a lot to the left in your photos, you might want to do some flexibility work or check your posture.

[quote]cywren wrote:
On the flax, take a gander at my thread on milling your own flax seeds. Most often when folks aren’t enjoying the flax, it is because it has soured. [/quote]

I might give that a shot the next go around, i purchase Old Mill? Red Mill - Milled Flax- pre packaged. ive been using it in my PWO shakes for over a year now, just not as frequently. i believe its just starting to get to me. We store the bag sealed in the fridge after use. i dont really taste any sour. mainly just a texture/flavor issue. Thanks!

[quote]al_simmons1982 wrote:
mreisworkout you are leaning quite a lot to the left in your photos, you might want to do some flexibility work or check your posture.[/quote]

thanks, I’m working on that.

I just thought ‘what is love’ was playing in the background.

Day 8- Let the temptions begin…

Just when I think I’m in the zone, I go to copy something at the office. First I can smell it, then I can see it. A nice “little” buffet set up by one of the neighboring groups. It has chicken wings, sandwiches, and pasta salads. I swear somebody is testing me, and I’m passing with flying colors.

I just keep in mind that the people grazing on this buffet all day are NOT who I’d like to be. While I may work in the typically office setting, I do not want to acquire the wide bottom side from sitting all day and complaining of aches and pains all day.

Alright headed out to do some NEPA!

Day 10- v-challenge & HSM Today!

We started this morning with our V-Challange. much better this time. we managed to shave off 15 minutes from our first try. i wouldnt say it was easier, cause we definitely felt the burn at set 5…woooo. love that burn!

So, i read that when doing this diet we should plan out our weekends so were not just sitting around. well, jen and I decided to voluteer at the local food shelter this afternoon. we figured since we cant eat ‘real’ food, we might as well help give it away.

Beef stroganoff was on the menu. acompannied by veg. medley, bread and pastry.(not a bad menu, considering its free) I played cook and jen played lunch lady. it was a fun time. Suprisingly we didnt have the urge to eat while we were surrounded by tempting offers. we were just not feeling it. appetite suppression is definitely working.

however we couldn’t wait to get home to make our homemade dinner…

what you see is not always what it appears…
that “burger” is actaully a handmade pressed lean ground turkey patty topped with a fresh guacamole (avacado, tomato, pepper) and turkey bacon!, the “smashed potatoes” are in fact finely pureed cauliflower with rosemary spice.(and extremely tasty without butter or cream i may add!)

the salad consists of pan seared shrimp, crumbly blue cheese, red onion, and tomato over a bed of spinish leaves. absolutely splendid and IMHO, very healthy and v diet friendly. it was truly satisfying to experience flavors and textures that your tougue and senses havent felt in weeks. But, as usual, we finished a nightly meal “dessert” with a MD shake…mmmmm chocolate.

feelin good! measuremnets and weight loss update this week.

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