The NEW Velocity Diet


Hi Chris-

With regards to the IFBB Pro on the V-Diet, I’m thinking about using it myself for my next Men’s Physique comp. I have a few questions:

  1. I’m hovering around 9-10% BF. Would you recommend it to get down to 5% or lower?
  2. Would you recommend staying on the V-Diet longer to reach my goal if needed?
  3. Would you recommend I lower my calories slowly first then start? I’m at 2900 a day now and jumping to 1800 seems a bit too quick…?
  4. Do I need to follow the workouts or can I continue to use my own, so long as I don’t over train?



Is there still a product package available? I want to start the diet and trying to figure out how much product I need to purchase?


[quote]Meliss wrote:
Is there still a product package available? I want to start the diet and trying to figure out how much product I need to purchase?[/quote]


[quote]emrondeau77 wrote:
Are the amount of consumed calories measured out by a persons weight? I remember with the old diet a persons body weight was calculated.[/quote]

I am having the same question. I’ve ordered the Velocity Diet package & reading sections of the e-book. It seems like it gives a set amount for everything regardless of one’s weight. It’s just dependent on gender (I am female.)

Then there’s a section on fine-tuning your diet based on how you feel in terms of fullness. I can appreciate that that allows for tailoring to the individual - but I have issues with overeating & don’t quite trust my judgment.

But if I’ve described the version accurately - I guess I’ll adjust :slight_smile:


So here’s the pink elephant in the room for me with regards to the Velocity Diet and concepts. I had a massive gout attack around a week or so in. I’m 37. I’m pressing on and dealing with the gout issue. Has anybody else had this issue? Anything I can do different? Also, it was weird having Diet Coke cravings again, lol.


There is nothing about the V-Diet that would lead to gout. Unless you’re not doing the V-Diet correctly, taking niacin supplements, drinking a lot of booze, or eating tons of sardines and organ meats like kidney. Not doing that, then gout runs in families and some people are just more prone to it if they are male and overweight.


How crucial are the workouts? Would it be ok to create my own workouts rooted in the major three(bench, squat, and deadlift), and keep the rep and rest periods as described?


For best results, use the workouts provided, though minor adjustments to exercise selection are fine. While some have had success with their own workout, we can safely say that those who get the best results stick pretty close to the plan. The V-Diet workouts are specifically designed for the diet plan. And while fat loss in the main goal, many are surprised to find that they’ve gained strength and muscle using these challenging and very different workout.


Hi. I’ve a question about HSM. What macro you will suggest- on training days more carbs low fat, non training very low carb and high fat and off course some vegetables? I’m about 18%bf.


Zygus84: You don’t have to be specific. Get some protein, get some good non-wheat carbs, toss in some veggies. The calorie guidelines will keep you from overdoing anything. I would not go “very low carb” on any day. And remember, on non-training days you’re naturally lowering daily carb intake because you aren’t using workout nutrition on those days.


Chris, are there any thoughts about roasted veggies vs steamed. I know steamed in healthy, does roasting in olive oil drizzle hurt?


It’s fine but makes it a little tougher to keep calories in check. I prefer coconut oil in a spray can (like PAM.) Uses less oil and coconut oil stands up better to heat. Avocado oil in a sprayer is great too.



I just started the V-diet today. I have the Velocity-DIet_3.5.1.pdf e-book in hand. Kudos on the doc, it’s pretty tight and clear, but I do have some nitpicky feedback, in case you’re interested.

  1. Explain why Plazma vs. Surge. Explain why no Mag-10.

  2. Provide a more recipe-book approach to using Hot-Rox, Alpha Male, and the other optional supps. I.e., just say “take 1-2 Hot-Rox on waking, then optionally again at noon”, or whatever. Also, a word or two on what to do with supps we’re already taking. For example, I usually take vit C, vit B complex, Co-Q10, Zinc and Mag, a multi, plus some BCAA’s and glutamine pre- and post-work out. If you could just state explicitly what to do with those, it would be great.

  3. Please add a word or two stating that 531 and other strength programs do not work well with a weight loss program. I’m on the 531 and it took me some digging in various forums to eventually get my answer.

  4. In the picture for the shoulder press, the dude’s form looks sloppy (he’s not under the bar).

  5. In the picture for the bent-over row, you say “overhand grip”, but the dude is using supinated grip.

I told you these were nitpicky :slightly_smiling:

BTW, what I like about this plan is that it is a turn-key, no-decisions, no-thinking formula that I can follow. Even though I have a pretty good grasp of diet principles and science, I get “decision fatigue” when I try to follow an ad-hoc diet plan. I’m always faced with food choices and it gets tiring, and it’s really easy to say “well, I did have a good workout today, so a wee bit of that muffin won’t hurt. Plus the carbs will help recovery.” or “shoot, it’s been a hard day, and Guinness does have some nutritional value so one (or two) won’t hurt…” and so on. So, I guess that in item 2 above I’m really asking for even less decision making in the V-diet plan.



The download doesn’t work. I signed in, ‘bought’ the book, and it’s just a blank 75 page PDF. (Looks like there’s one page of text, but that’s it).

Any chance somebody can share a link that works?


That definitely shouldn’t be. Shoot an e-mail to and Biotest Customer Service can get it sorted out.


Started yesterday. Got to say I’m scared! I’ve followed all sorts of diets, bodybuilding then onto powerlifting. 8000 cal a day etc. I get brain fried reading what the experts say. I’m 44 now so thinking health reasons only. Glad I’ve came across this forum. Hopefully I can take my hunger frustration out here! I’ve got to say all the kids food looks juicey already!
Thanks for the ebook. I’ve toyed with this for many years now so 2 footed jump and I’m in :pray::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: