The New Journey

Begins on Monday/Tuesday depends when my stuff arrives.

First V-Diet was 28lbs lost.

I had more to lose then than i do now. But i’ll be happy with around 20-22lbs in the 28 days. With hopefully another 6 in the transition.

If my calcs are correct this should put me around 7-9%bf and the first i would have seen my abs since i was about 6.

Bit of background. It’s Ramadan where i am which means no eating while the suns out. So when it’s not out you do a lot of eating!

Like xmas dinner for 30 days!

The 3 days after are call ‘Eid’ which mean the feast…

Anyways this has pushed em to do the V-Diet again to get rid of what ever i gained.

Wish me luck peeps, and i know religion isn’t a reason to pig out and be a sloth but it ends on sunday ad that’s where i start!

Just do it hard.

Looking forward to following your progress!

Getting psyched for my diet now, 1 more day to go an i’ll be on it!

i’ll post pics on sunday and then i’ll take them after 28 days. Here we go!

my posts aint working :frowning:

Edit: They working now!

weight: 224 lbs
height: 5’10’'
bf: 25.8%

disgusted with these figures, they have just double my motivation to smash through the 28 days!

I’ll be logging everyday with my progress. Hoping for 28lbs!

ME and my bro re doing this together.

For the record he is 211bs and 6ft.

He has always been the slimmer which he is. These pics shocked us both. And frankly im disgusted. Here goes nothing it starts in the morning! My love handles almost made me vomit!

And this is my bro.

ok so i got hit with man flu the first day of the diet and today is the second and i’ve still got it. Headache, sore throat and runny nose. Had to eat last night aswell which was bad but today im ressiting and keepin to the diet. Also this means im strugglin to do the workouts, just hope it doesn’t have a knock on effect.

Guna add an extra day to the end of the diet to make up for yesterday!

Even with the meal last night i’m down to 220lbs so thats 4lbs lost after the first day. I know it’s water etc but it’s encouraging!

Don’t shout at me Chris!

Hey guys, starting my second real day after the first’s day’s false start.

219lbs, down 5lbs now in 2 days which is encouraging. Gota get through the next 2 days and it’s plane sailing to the end. I already know the first 3 days are the most difficult and just gota push through them.

Ok guys, it;s day 3 and just had my daily weigh in. I’m not gettin hungry any more and the feeling of needing to eat has almost gone, the shakes are goin down but im still a bit sick so im struggling to do the workouts, hopefully it will clear up in a day or say.

Down 7.5 lbs as of today which isn’t too shabby i don’t think!

Goin off past experience my body seems to really like this diet and it works well for me. Fingers crossed for tomorrow hopefully it’l be up yo 9!!!

Hey guys, it the 4th day now, and weighed my self this morning down 8.8lbs! Buzzin off this diet. let’s see how today goes and hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow with at least 10lbs lost!

EDIT: Sorry guys, miscalculated there, i’ve lost 9.5lbs no 11 is tomorrow’s goal!

So its the start of the 5th day with 1 lb gain! Am not worried, yesterday was Saturday which is Egypt’s version of Saturday so i decided to have my HSM yesterday so am guessing thats the reason for the scale weight.

12 oz ribeye
6oz of grilled chicken breast
Half cup of cabbage
Half cup of cauliflower
1 cup of carrots/peas

Was frickin good!

The diet is getting a lot easier now and the hunger pangs have disappeared. Fingers crossed i’ll stick to it.

My God i need to eat!

You only get to eat on HSM day’s.

Drink the shake’s keep going.

Stop weighing every day.

Hey guy’s, i know the rulese lol i just had real bad cravings that day! So i’m exactly 7 days down and it’s the morning of the 8th. I’m glad i’ve stuck to it down 11lbs in the first week! Really motivated now its going great!

Hey guys so its the 9th today, its becoming a breeze! Workouts are goin well, a little tired but the hunger had definitely disappeared now. Weight loss is going really well.

I have been weighing my selin kg and converting to lbs. For some reason i did the first day wrong.

Day 1: 225.5lbs

Day 9: 211.8lbs

This means 9 days has given me 13.7lbs reduction!

Sweet. Lets crack on and get that to 20lbs by day 14!

Day 10: 210.9lbs. -14.6 lbs in total.

Mayve my 20lbs in 14 days was a little ambitious. We gota aim for something tho right?

Day 11: Hit the 15lb mark today, my clothes definitely starting to feel looser but i don’t think my body has changed much. Good job i took the photos to compare! Gutted i didn’t take measurements tho.

Hey guys quick update, i know i should only weight once a week but i’m a bit impatient and like to constantly monitor my progress. Anway it’s day 13 and i’ve dropped 16.5lbs now, weighing in 209! Gota hit 200 before i finish.

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