The Last 10 Pounds... 7...5... Whatever

I’ve been fighting with them for about two years now. Grrrrr. Dropped almost forty pounds over the course of another two years before that with the help of a PT. When I have one, I work out insanely. When I don’t have one I tend to slack off. Terrible, I know. Part of my “Last 10” issue. I have one now, and he’s aiding me through my V-Diet journey. Yaay!

Today is day three. Pics and measurements are done. Now to pass away twenty-five more days… Truth be told, I actually feel okay. I seem to be more hungry out of habit than real hunger, plus, my diet used to be pretty sinful. Side effects are fairly mild, so far. Not too much energy loss, no headache, some bloating - but I knew the milk ingredients were going to do that, some stupidity. I’d also like to do something other than just urinate. That would be amazing. Starting fiber tablets today. Just started the HOT-ROX today too. One capsule twice daily does me just fine. Maybe I’ll up it to two next week.

Worked out once, completely forgot to drink the Surge :frowning: I’m also having an issue getting all five shakes in due to silly work hours and a low appetite - I feel full! The last two nights I’ve been adding the flax and Superfood from the fourth shake to my fifth shake. Being able to add any nut butter is fantastic by the way. I really like the banana flavored MD for my last shake. Tomorrow I will make it a point to try for all five shakes. HSM in a few days. Yaay! :slight_smile: Have to remember the H stands for healthy!

I also started training in Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling a few months ago. Hope going four to five times a week doesn’t hinder my progress any. It’s only for an hour anyways, there’s plenty of break time between learning moves and actual drilling is kept to like 10 mins.

I’m confident I’ll complete this diet. Although I guess we’ll see in a few days…weeks… lol. Going to workout again tomorrow and NOT forget the Surge this time. Mmmmm… Chocolate.


Neck - 31cm Weight - 56kg
Shoulders - 93cm Height - 157cm
Chest - 87cm Body Fat% (with Tanita Scale) - 24%
Waist @ navel - 79cm
Waist @ largest - 80cm
Hips - 91cm
Upper Arm R - 26cm
L - 26.5cm
Upper Leg R - 56cm
L - 56.5cm
Lower Leg R - 36cm
L - 36.5cm
Ankle R - 19cm
L - 19.5cm

Oops… forgot to add these too.

Welcome aboard!

Any specific questions for me, be sure to post them in the “Ask Chris” forum so I’ll be sure to see them.

Day 5:

Well, still here… Decided my HSM would be tomorrow, but I’m craving it right now. So I’m typing this post instead. Now starting to feel slightly sluggish. Ewww. The bloating hasn’t gotten any better. Fighting the urge to weigh myself. Somehow I figure it won’t make me very happy. I’ll save that for Day 8. I also now resort to simply smelling other people’s food. Kinda gets me by, LOL. Never have I actually eaten it, but Popeye’s Chicken smells AMAZING! Going to work out in 10 mins… So definitely no time now for food. I’ll save it for tomorrow as planned. I don’t even care if I never have junk food again, all I want is chicken, salmon and sweet potatoes. Mmmmmm…

Finding it slightly hard to wake up in the morning. Yesterday was the only day I’ve had all 5 shakes. I gotta work on that. Other than that, I don’t feel so bad. I do want to kill all my friends that eat wonderful things in front of me though. The HOT-ROX made me kinda nauseous during MMA class… Yeah I think I’ll be sticking to 1 cap, once a day. 5 days in and I’m kinda dreading the next 23… I can do this… right??

Of course you can do it! 95% of this program is mental. Just keep reminding yourself of the results you are going to enjoy over the next few weeks. Read other people’s success stories. I haven’t seen any posts on here about people who regretted making it through the v-diet.

[quote]KrysDef wrote:
I also now resort to simply smelling other people’s food. Kinda gets me by, LOL. [/quote]

That may be working for you in the short term, but is focusing on food REALLY helpful?

Finding something else to fill your time with INSTEAD OF dwelling on food might help you get through the 28 days.

My days are quite full and I find that just through the simple distraction of the events at hand, I really don’t even have time to think about food all that much.

Try some lemon or peppermint tea- it kind of kills your taste buds for awhile.

A dab of Vick’s vapo-rub just under the nose has a tendency to shut off the hunger mechanism.

Can you do this for 28 days?

The bad news, and the good news is the same:

It’s up to you- and no one else.

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