The Journey Begins

Hey everyone!

I started day 1 today, and i’m pretty excited about seeing whats in store. I’m not normally the kind of guy that would document my progress, but i believe from what ive seen its an integral part of success.

So ill check in here daily and update my workout logs, and general experiences.

Day 1 -
Height 68.5
Weight 229
Neck 16.5
Shoulders 51
Chest â?? Upper 46.5
Chest â?? Lower 40
Waist - at Navel 41
Waist - at largest 41
Hips - at largest 44
Upper Arm â?? L 16
Upper Arm â?? R 16
Upper Leg â?? L 27.5
Upper Leg â?? R 27.5
Lower Leg â?? L 16.5
Lower Leg â?? R 16.5
Ankle â?? L 10.25
Ankle â?? R 10.25

Reverse Lunge:
1 8 x90lb
2 8x 90lb
3 8x 90lb
4 8x 90lb
5 8x 90lb

Bent Over Row â?? I found out I can increase weight here, and will do so next time.
1 8x 70lb
2 8x 70lb
3 8x 70lb
4 8x 70lb
5 10x70lb

Push Press
1 8x 135lb â?? found out I was too ambitious here
2 8x 95lb
3 8x 95lb
4 8x 95lb
5 8x 95lb

Barbell Curl
1 8x80lb
2 9x80lb
3 8x80lb
4 8x70lb
5 8x70lb

Overall I felt good, and found a good baseline to work from for these excercises.

Everything begins with the first step, here is 1 of 28.

Glad to have you on board. Keep us posted!

Thanks Chris,

Day 2 down - Overall it was good, i wasnt really ever hungry throughout the day.

I pulled a bonehead move this morning, i woke up and felt great so i decided to go into the gym and do cardio and some NEPA on the treadmill.

I did a 2 mile run at around 8mph, then did a brisk walk to knock out the remainder of the hour (~45 minutes). Since i was already at the gym, i then did my lifting for the day. I was a sweaty tired mess by the end, if i kept the breaks to 45 seconds.

Overall though, good day. Another step down.

1 200x8
2 200x8
3 200x8 This was my first time doing deadlifts, i need to get a weight belt, and i feel i can do alot more.
4 200x8
5 200x8

Decline Bench - dumbbell
1 80x8
2 80x10
3 80x10
4 80x9
5 80x10

Lat pull down - definitely an area where i need improvement

1 140x8
2 140x8
3 140x8
4 140x8
5 140x8

Im happy to have a baseline, and im looking for a little more weight across the board this coming week.

Welcome to the forum! If you really want incentive and to see the results. Post some pics of where you are at, so at the very least you can post again at the end to see a Before-After.

Your right-

Back before

Side Before

Front Before ( mother of god! )

I’m on day 6, and i feel pretty good most of the time. The HOT-ROX on a empty stomach is a little rough to handle, and every now and then i feel a bit nauseous, but overall its nothing to complain about. I feel good about where im going, and thats what counts.

I did the V-Burn challenge yesterday, and it was definitely a gut check.

Today’s workout

Front squat

Ive never done much squats before, and getting the barbell rested on my shoulders was definitely a little different. But ive got a baseline, and i look forward to pushing those numbers up.

Lat Pulldown -

Got ambitious here after feeling good at 180, the extra 40lb’s made a “noted” different in difficulty. But i think where i should be is somewhere in between.

Dumbbell bench


Kind of floated around looking for my home here as well.

Ive now gone through each of the weight lifting workouts, i feel ive got a better understanding of where i should be lifting at, and i predict good progress from here.
I also started putting the water into my shakes first before the powder, instead of the other way around. I now feel like vomitting much less often :wink:

HSM is coming soon, im looking forward to it.

Day 8!

HSM was yesterday, had a big greek salad with gyro, and then a beef kebab at a local mediterranean place. Had a bite of the rice and some sauce, but knew i shouldnt finish it.

It was outstanding.

Felt strong most of today, and overall morale is high.

Reverse Lunge

  1. 100x8
  2. 100x8
  3. 100x8
  4. 100x8
  5. 100x8 ( these are 50 lbs in each hand )

Bent Over Row

  1. 110x8
  2. 110x8
  3. 110x8
  4. 110x8
  5. 110x5
  6. 110x3 ( this is the biggest bar we have sitting around on racks, will need to go to dumbbells to do higher)


  1. 8x105
  2. 8x105
  3. 8x105
  4. 8x105
  5. 8x105 ( threw some extra’s in here, that i didnt record )

Felt good on pushpress, at this weight, maybe 115 is the sweetspot, 135 punished me.

Barbell Curl - Used isolation curl bench

  1. 8x65
  2. 8x65
  3. 8x65
  4. 6x65
  5. 6x65
  6. 2x65
  7. 2x65

Ab workout - 4 x 12

Overall everything is good, and im staying on track. Im eager to reach my 2nd HSM and halfway point, to log some of my measurements maybe? or at least check the scale.

I think i was off by 2 days on my last post :slight_smile:

anywho, this should be day 12.

Ive got my log from friday on a mia notebook, but if i recall it was a good workout and a good day. Ill edit the post when i get the notebook out of my car, and put in my numbers.

Today i did

Front Squat -

Dumbbell bench
120x8 60 lb x 2
140x8 70 lb x 2
160x4 80 lb x 2

Lat pull down

I did my ab work, and then topped off the session with a 1 mile run, starting at 7.0 mph and adding .1 mph every 10th, to finish at 8mph. This is a new addition for me, and im interested to see if it becomes a problem or not. I need to get to around 2 miles finishing at a 8.5 -9 mph pace. Im going to work at that and see if its something i can sustain on my diet and current workout plan.

Food wise, im not hungry unless i’m an idiot and go 5 hours between shakes. I think im in the short rows as far as food cravings go, and now is just the grind. Its not horrible, but it aint great.

But grind away, i will.

Good work keep it up!

Finished todays workout -


120x8 (2 x 60lb dumbbell)

Stepups with 45 plate across chest

Bent over row - dumbbell
Didnt go up here this week, just switched away from the bar.



Curls - Straight Bar standing
I was probably being a little girl here.

Rev Crunches


Finished with a run, on which i didnt perform very well, but kept me sweating buckets and the HR up. tomorrow is a non lifting day, so im going to go in with fresh legs and see where my real pace has gone.

Day 19

Front Squat

Lat pulldown


dumbbell bench


Day 21

Lunge -


Bent over row






Im getting pretty far along in the program, and things are going well. Im seeing modest strength gains as i look for increases in weight with the exercise. Most food cravings are gone the majority of the day, but im eager to get to the end.

Hi just checking in - good stuff so far keep it going. How are you measurements and weight compared to when you started? The shakes do get to be a bit of a grind towards the end but just keep it going, you’ll get to the 28 days faster than you think.

The shakes are bearable for now, ive been saving my last 2 banana creme for the end, i hate that flavor, and i figure i might as well just really punish myself.

My starting weight was 230, i am anywhere between 214-216 currently. I was going to do measurements at the very end.


Banana Creme - UUMmmmmmm. (Beer) I mean Banana Creme!

DAY 28

Yeeee Freaking Hawww.

i weighed in at 213, which was a loss of 17 pounds.

I taped myself just now, and without counting the shoulders which i cant believe, i think i measured wrong the first time around, i lost a total of 15 inches across the body. If i was right about the shoulders, it came in at 19.

Either way im very pleased with the results, i am going to have a steak tonight, and move into the transition workouts and diet plan. I’m eager to get to the end of the next two weeks, and take my final pictures.

Really just very pleased with the results, and want to encourage everyone else to stick with it, and keep pushing.

Shoulders 47 - Diff 4 inches ( i think i must have measured wrong at first, or thats just incredible)
waist navel-38 -3.0
hips 41 -3.0
chest upper 43 -3.5
chest lower - 40 Same
upper arm r 15 l 15 -1 -1
upper leg 26 l 26 r -1.5 -1.5
lower leg 16.25 l 16.25 r -.25 -.25
Ankle L 10.25 Ankle R 1.025 Same

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