The Incredible Adventures of a Skinnier Me!

I have put together all my shakes for the first week and I will start my adventure tomorrow. I am a little nervous about how the shakes will taste but REALLY excited to begin my transformation.
I will post day 1 measurements tomorrow. - Cheers!

Grats on getting started! Keep us updated.

“Skinny” is an ugly word.

Let’s go with “lean” or “buff” or “sexified.”

Okay, maybe not that last one.

Keep us posted!

Sorry Chris, don’t mean to offend. Skinny is still a nostalgic word for me. :slight_smile: How about the Incredible Adventures of a Shrinking Me!

Ok today is day one - here are the stats:

Height ? 5?3?
Weight - 200
Neck ? 13.5
Shoulders - 45
Chest ? Upper ? 42.5
Chest ? Lower ? 36.5
Waist - at Navel ? 41.5
Waist - at largest ? 41.5
Hips - at largest - 51
Upper Arm ? L ? 15.75
Upper Arm ? R ? 15.75
Upper Leg ? L ? 30.5
Upper Leg ? R ? 30.5
Lower Leg ? L ? 16.25
Lower Leg ? R ? 16.5
Ankle ? L - 9
Ankle ? R ? 10

The first shake was strawberry and the taste wasn’t so bad but 16 oz + ice was WAY to much water - it took forever to finish and it was so thin all the flax went to the bottom - yuck!. I’ll try something different with shake #2.

I have a question - Surge Recovery - I got chocolate and it was SO gross! Super sweet and a wicked aftertaste. I could only get 1/2 of it down. I am going to try it hot and see if that helps - anybody else experience this?? What do i do!
If that’s my only issue I am good to go though. The 1st workout was good, I will need to play with heavier weights but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
“Skinny” is an ugly word.

Let’s go with “lean” or “buff” or “sexified.”

Okay, maybe not that last one.

Keep us posted!


At least you didn’t say “Yummy”

1 day down, 27 to go. The working out is great, I just need to figure out a way to make the shakes go down better. sigh

Try making the surge with hot water. I about died the first time I drank it with icy cold water. I tried it with water heated for about 2 minutes in the microwave and it still is pretty sweet but instead of me taking half an hour to 45 mins getting it down…it’s done in less than 5.

Everything is better with more water…just thin it out…also you could try holding your nose while you chug it, it takes away your taste sensation…

Best wishes on the diet…stick to it and you will def. see results

I’m with VTBalla. I know some people prefer the thicker, milkshake-like texture, but I like mine as thin as possible. That way, I can just chug it and get it over with. I also don’t use ice. I used to, but my shakes got too thick. Cold water only.

However, as a college student, chugging comes pretty naturally to me :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I thinned it out today and it went down much easier. We’ll see tomorrow about the Surge. Today is day 2 and I have 1 shake left. I am actually feeling hungry for the first time. I know I’ve got the calories so maybe I am just missing food. I am already looking forward to my first HSM - it will be Monday. Fajitas!!! I can’t wait for my next measuring day.

Ok I had my first food dreams last night. I don’t remember what I was eating but I remember that I had just grabbed something and then realized I wasn’t supposed to be eating - like I had forgotten I was doing this diet. I was like - Oh no! what have I done! It was really weird. haha!

Anyway I just finished shake #3 on day 3 and I am hungry again! what is the deal! The shakes are killing me right now - ugh.

Yay Monday is right around the corner! Chicken or steak fajitas? Well, either one sounds downright outrageously good right now. Even catfood fajitas sounds good.

ha ha - catfood sounds GREAT!! It will be a flat iron steak grilled and marinated in garlic, balsamic, olive oil, onions, and pepper. I will make homemade guacamole, black beans, sauteed onions and peppers, spinach, and tomatoes. And then I will make some brown rice with Mexican seasoning. oh! I can hardly wait. Day 3 is all over - it’s getting difficult for me. I would be happier with less shakes. I can’t wait until the transition. If only I could fast forward!

Well you really only have to fast forward a couple days to start feeling semi-normal. My first few days were some of the longest days of my life trying to get through all 5 shakes and the Surge on a couple of those days. No worries, by next week, probably way before next week, everything will be on autopilot and the shakes will be much easier to get down.

Oh Lisa, thank you for the encouraging words. Yesterday was TOUGH. This morning’s shakes went down much easier except I tried 2 HOT-ROX and they almost sent me to the pearly white altar. The last 2 nights the last shake of the day has sent my insides into painful contractions.

Tonight I am going to try eating just the PB and for go the shake and see what happens. I am not sure if it’s the PB or the combo of the Pb and shake but something is wrong. I cannot feel that ill every night. Anyone else having this issue? It seems like the last shake is everyone’s fav…

I’m not particularly a fan of any of these shakes. However, I really do enjoy peanut butter. What I do at night is drink my shake really quickly and then slowly enjoy the serving of peanut butter on its own. It’s heaven on a spoon!

One word of caution: with nut butters, you can easily get carried away. I take care of this by having one slightly rounded tbsp of peanut butter. The serving size is two tbsp, so I know I’m within limit.

Oh I’m glad to hear someone else hates the shakes. I am still a little worried that the same thing will happen when the PB meets the shake in my tummy. I will give your method a try tonight and see what happens - like a science experiment!! Hopefully I won’t explode though! haha

[quote]ayantub wrote:
Oh I’m glad to hear someone else hates the shakes. I am still a little worried that the same thing will happen when the PB meets the shake in my tummy. I will give your method a try tonight and see what happens - like a science experiment!! Hopefully I won’t explode though! haha[/quote]

It’s not like I hate the shakes… I’m just tired of them :slight_smile:

Oh yes well sadly it’s the same thing to me - I hate being sick of them - and it’s only day 4! I am a velocity wimp. BUT! I am committed because I need this and to be honest the workouts get better and better each day, I feel so strong. Anyway, I pulled out the PN cookbook today and I am drooling over all the recipes - I totally forgot about most of these. I am thinking of buying the most recent version - anyone have it? Is it all the same stuff or totally different recipes? K - time for shake #4. cheers!

The HOT-ROX gave me a day or night or two of the living dead. I took two days off the HOT-ROX to get it all out of my system, then built up to the total amount recommended on the V-Diet. I took 1 in the am and 1 in around 3 for 2 days and then took 2 in the am with 1 at 3 for one day and then took 2 in the am and 2 at 3 and it was totally fine. Been fine ever since. Maybe might help you to try that?

I promise this bad icky feeling will go away soon! I think you could say I did hate the shakes at first but they’ve grown on me. Hopefully same will happen to you.

That’s cool you feel so strong! Very cool; some people are worried they’ll feel weak so thats great.

I hear that PN cookbook is aweseome. Going to buy one myself to have it when transition starts :wink:

Grats on finishing day 4! Im betting tomorrow or at the very least day 6 you will feel a lot better.

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