The Great Dane on his Second V-Diet

Hi there.

I’ve decided to go for another extreme diet. My last results was 105kg to 91kg - a great loss. The last month I’ve been on the anabolic diet, or, allmost. The weekends have gone by with alcohol and junkfood. Especially on summer holidays in Sweden. So Ive been around 96, from 93 - 98. Not anymore more.

So, my starting stats:
Age: 23
Height: 189cm
Weight: 97.9kg
BF%: 18.6%
FFM: 79.9kg
TBW: 58.3kg

Instead of measuring my chest/arm/stomach I’m getting a bodyfat measuring every monday, and I’m taking a frontpicture every morning. (One of the geeks at work has promised to do a small flash vid, where the pictures is centered around my eyes).

This is the third day and the morningweight said 94kg. (Guessing TBW has something to do with my fast sudden decrease in weight.

Oh - fun to be back.

PS. Chris: The tat is done, and more is being tattoed in my skin :wink:

PPS. My last log:

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