The Final Stretch

Day 1 of my Velocity Diet.

A bit about myself. Started out as a fat kid, grew into a fat teenager, and spent most of college as a fat student. Cleaned up my act starting in the summer of 2009 at 300 lbs (6’4") before my senior year of college. At graduation, I was 220. This was the result of fairly consistent clean eating and consistent weightlifting. Started a new job last June, got off track a little bit. Haven’t gained it all back, but started today at 235. Tried going back to my old diet about a month ago and have found that it just doesn’t generate the results that it used to given my current weight.

I want to use the V-Diet as a way to jump start my final push towards a healthy weight. I know how to eat and exercise at maintenance but am willing to follow someone else’s wisdom when it comes to a focused period of fatloss.

For the workouts I am planning on sticking with 5/3/1. I can be talked out of it I suppose, but strength is my number one goal and I would really like to finish my current wave and start my next one. Realize that strength may take a hit with the diet, but I am just getting back to the weights I used to lift at this time last year.

I will post starting pictures tonight. Will try to keep up with posting in this thread.

[quote]mletten wrote:
I know how to eat and exercise at maintenance but am willing to follow someone else’s wisdom when it comes to a focused period of fatloss.

For the workouts I am planning on sticking with 5/3/1. I can be talked out of it I suppose, but strength is my number one goal [/quote]

Interesting that you strung two opposing thoughts back to back.

first you say that you’re willing to follow someone else’s wisdom, then the very next statement is about how you’re not going to follow the program, as written.

How about just “one” goal for now? Will it be strength or fat loss?

Does giving up one temporarily mean you can never choose it later?

I suppose that was a poor way of defending my decision. Obviously strength is not a priority over fat loss at this point. My desire to sick with 5/3/1 stems more from my commitment to the program and my desire to progress in the weights that I have been using.

Day 1 is in the books. Pictures are coming shortly. Was not hungry at all today. Really had to force myself to drink the bedtime shake. This may just work. I also went from 235 to 227.6. Yah water weight.

[My desire to sick with 5/3/1 stems more from my commitment to the program and my desire to progress in the weights that I have been using. ]

Mark Rippetoe has a saying that goes something like, you can’t be a powerlifting champion and marathon champion. You have to choose.

Set the strength obsession aside for a minute, and just focus on losing the weight- which is the reason for starting this anyway.

5/3/1 isn’t going anywhere, there’s no expiration date. It’ll be waiting for you when you get done.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the fat loss thing handled, and then go on and add some mass?

Wouldn’t that be preferable to getting lame-assed results in both categories?

Wouldn’t you prefer to only have to do this ONCE, instead of contemplating a round 2?

Anyway, it’s your life, so I’ll stop now.

I appreciate the posts. I can see that I may be blinded by my affinity for 5/3/1. Im finishing a wave this week, so I will think hard about starting the Velocity workouts next Monday.

Its 10 AM and I am starting to feel hungry…crap. Time for a bottle of water.

Welcome aboard, mletten!

One thing to keep in mind when using a different training program is lifting days per week. With the V plan, you’re weight training only three days per week, full body. So that means 3 servings of Surge Recovery per week.

If you choose another plan and weight train, say, 5 days per week, then you’ll probably use the post-workout drink after those extra sessions too. Well, that’s an extra 600 cals and 100g or so of carbs per week. This could affect the overall plan since you’re adding calories. It also removes the calorie/carb cycling effects since you’re having mostly “high” days compared to the straight V plan.

Finally, I appreciate the desire for strength, but keep other physical goals in mind as well. When losing lots of fat, your bench press may go down temporarily because you’re actually increasing range of motion: there’s less fat on your torso. But you aren’t really getting “weaker.”

On the flip side, by losing 20 or 30 pounds of fat, your pull-ups, chins, dips, and push-ups will increase. Just as good as benching and deadlifting in the big picture. (I think people get too wrapped up in the Big Three lifts when there are other physical goals to achieve for the non-competitive powerlifter.)

Just some considerations. Keep us posted!

Thanks Chris. I’m convinced. Will start the V-Diet workouts next Monday!

Best wishes on your VD journey. I started on Monday and am just excited how I will look after 28 days later.
You already did good job on losing wt and can’t wait to see how you will look after all the fat loss.

Wondering if anyone had any advice on what I wrote below…

Almost a week into the V-Diet, and things got a little complicated. Got through the week just fine until Saturday. I have been tired and my energy has been down in a weird way. With the HOT-ROX, my “body energy” has been fine but my “brain energy” has been down. Can’t think straight or focus for very long. But overall, I have been surviving. Down 234–>222 for the week.

Then came Saturday morning. After my morning shake, I felt–for lack of a better word–like sh**. After an hour off stomach pain, I thew up my shake. I could tell that my body was rejecting something in those shakes and that I needed some solid food. A few eggs later, I felt like a new man. I have decided to make this weekend a mix of HSMs and shakes and I feel much better. Have only eaten clean (eggs, steak, veggies, tuna, and cottage cheese).

My plan is go back onto the full VDiet on Monday and try it out for a few days to see what happens. But I really want to get people’s input on this. I hate breaking from the diet, but I think I am at the point where I can go by feel and do a few days of VDieting and a day or two of HSMs. I can accept that this will impeded my progress and slow my results. My junk food cravings are under control and I will be eating 100% clean (and low carb) for any HSMs.

Does anyone have any experience with hitting this sort of wall and getting sick off these shakes? I’m not sure what it was, but without solid food I could not stomach them anymore. Also wondering if anyone has any experience with an adapted VDiet that includes a few more HSMs.

Any thoughts/comments/criticisms would be appreciated. Thanks.


A small deviation isnt the end of the world. At least you didn’t binge on bad things and kept what you ate clean. You know what you have done and obviously have done something to fix it. Stay on the diet as much as you can. great weight loss far from 300lbs, you look a lot better. Keep up the good work.

I felt kinda sick on day 3 and 4 of the v-diet. After that I guess my body adjusted b/c the shakes haven’t bothered me since then. But if it’s a choice between quitting all together and having an extra HSM or 2, I’d go with the extra HSM, but I think if you just stick it out with the program your body will adjust.

Yeah you’ll be suprised that it gets quite easy eventually, but if you are really struggling there is the lite version, which basically is 1 hsm a day, be it breakfast lunch or dinner. Still works just not as extreme and honestly is easier to stick to, especially over a longer period of time

I suppose alot of how the a person handles the constant taste of shakes depends on what they have done in the past. For example, I have been taking prowdered supplements for over 30 years… and well I guess I can pretty much chock it all down.

They key though is finding what flavor works, and then learning how to change it up (Vanilla extract, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, blue berries…) a small trade-off for be able to actually enjoy some variety.

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