The Final Step in My Transformation

I’ve been transforming my body for a couple of years now. I originally went from 250 to 210 a few years back and then from there had my ups and downs. I kept saying one day I’ll start a diet and get it going and get my body to the way i want it to be. It never happened.

I decided im going to buckle down and do the V-Diet. This is day 3 for me so far its been good, but I didn’t have milled flaxseed for the first two days. Here are my stats:
h: 6’2"
w: 225
bf: 18

bf: 10
w: I dont care as long as i can get my body fat down.

let’s get this started

Awesome. We look forward to following your progress!

agreed! sounds like you’ll have some epic before/after photos too :slight_smile:

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