The Case of the V-Diet : )

Well after lurking for a couple weeks I thought I would finally join and be a part of the forum. I’m going to sleep at the end of day 4 currently and plan on posting measurements tomorrow. I didn’t take any pics when I started as I wasn’t planning on posting but figured maybe I could start end of week 1 and continue from there. Everything is going well I just don’t have a lot of support as most of my friend’s party quite a bit. I wish everyone the best with the journey!!

Glad you de-lurked. Keep us posted!

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Glad you de-lurked. Keep us posted!


Thanks Chris you are the man! I actually have a few questions for you. The first that comes to mind is on the HSM day does it matter which shake I skip and/or should I always included the final shake of the day? I was thinking on the HSM day I would skip the last shake with the PB.

Also on workout days does it matter what time of day you do it? I have mainly been going at night after 3-4 shakes as I’ve been putting in a lot of “work” time during the day. I guess I’m just curious if earlier in the day would yield better results?

Starting stats:
Weight 214
Height 5’11
Neck 17
Shoulders 32* Might be slightly off but I can’t find the tape
Chest Up 44
Chest Low 42
Waist Navel 42
Waist at Lrg 43
Hip at Lrg 41.5
Main Waist 38 1/2
L Arm 14
R Arm 14
U L Leg 24.5
U R Leg 24.5
L L Leg 14.5
L R Leg 15
Ankle L 10
Ankle R 10

Today is day 5 and I feel good so far. I actually started week 1 and made it through but got a cold and couldn’t go work out and needed some food. I took a week off, watched what I ate and started again when my body was ready. Cool thing is I lost 4lbs. and it has make Week 1 (2nd time) easier.

My normal routine so far has been wake up, eat HOT-ROX and do about 20-40 mins NEPA. Then work for 4-10 hours depending on how motivated I feel that day. I normally go work out in the area of 11pm-2am just because these are the hours after working. If I only do 20 mins NEPA at the start of the day I always do at least 20 before the workout.

I think my main problem is making sure I drink all the shakes and keep the time betweeen to 3ish hours. I have been finding myself not very hungry for the shakes and always have to stay up late and tired to finish the last 2. Anyone have advice on getting them down faster and in a timely manner?

Hey BC, welcome to the party! Excellent decision to post. I would not have made it this far on my V-Diet (Day 12) without receiving support and encouragement via posts on my thread and posting on others’ threads as well. Key part of the journey.

Sounds like you are keen to do this thing. You will do great.

Re getting shakes down faster, I think it’s a personal thing what works for you, but I’d suggest thinning them out or drinking them warm. As for timing, that really depends on what your workday looks like. If you can keep protein powder with you and all the necessary equipment (i.e. kettle or blender or water source etc.) in easy reach, I find it easier to stay on track. I do sometimes miss by half an hour, but try to get back on time for the next shake.

Good work on Week 1!


Thanks tiger, it’s been fairly easy for me so far. Though when I tell some of my friend’s they just think I’m doing something crazy and unhealthy and are not the most supportive. So I have been reading the forum a bit more and final decided I should join in and become more active.

As far as the shakes go I just don’t get “hungry” for them and they seem to fill me up fast while I drink them. I have seen other people seem to have some trouble getting them all down so I figured I would ask.

[quote]basquiatcase wrote:
As far as the shakes go I just don’t get “hungry” for them and they seem to fill me up fast while I drink them. I have seen other people seem to have some trouble getting them all down so I figured I would ask. [/quote]

By week three, you’ll be good and ready and hungry for them laugh

Glad you got involved here, you’ll be happy you did :wink:


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