The Bastards Got Me in the End

I am long time lurker coming out of the dark and into the open to see if I can actually achieve something with my body. Yeah not a big deal everyone needs to step it up that is what T-Men do. Well I am the furthest thing from a T-Man that you can get.

I was a really early fan of (Let us just say I am still glad redirects). I loved reading TC’s Atomic Dog it got me fired up for all of five minutes and then I moved on. No reflection on TC’s writing more a reflection on my inability to stick with anything in my life. Once I know how to do something what is the point of doing it. No mental challenge left.

Mr. Shugart posted an article called - Merry Christmas Bob ( ) this fired me up enough to spend 6 weeks in a gym and actually was starting to feel good about myself. Life overtook and I gave that up pretty quickly. Still constantly reading T-Mag and learning heaps. Even buying heaps of the supplements via e-bay because back then no-one delivered to Australia.

However I would maybe take a few of them they would be relegated to the back of the cupboard. I still have some original Metabolic Drive in my cupboard.

Then along came another article - The Beast Evolves. All I could think was F*ck you Thibs. I hate you for doing this. Off I went to the shops and brought some flax oil and order some grow. This looked like the thing for me a distinct hard core (quick plan) to get me going looking good. Just maybe someone would listen when I was talking about diet and supplements. 3 days later I was well over that. Each shot of flax oil I was literally vomiting.

When T-Mag relaunched as T-Nation I must admit I was put off by it. Testosterone Nation you have to be joking. I thought you guys were the intelligent body builders who made fun of people like Greg Valentino. It even put me off so much I didn’t register a profile for quite some time. However the article content still drew me back in and I still can’t wait for the new articles each week. Most times I don’t even bother logging in, Just the lurker.

So what is the life changing event that has made me finally decide to do something.

Nothing just the constant success and stories on this site of people actually doing it. I want to be one of them

So let me layout all the excuses for you so you know where I am coming from.
3 kids (Ages 6,3 and 6 months) - (All After discovering T-Nation)
Lack of funds
Lack of Gym Membership
Living in Australia HOT-ROX Extreme is banned.
Massively addicted to sugar via Coke
Highly inactive job - Computer Programmer

Oh and to top it all off I have a bad back. Now I know a lot of people say they have a bad back, however I am not one of those people to say I have a migraine when all I have is a headache. This really should have been my life changing event.

Last Year I sucked up the courage went to the surgeon and asked what can I do. He said he does and assists in around 30 operations each month (He works in tandem with another surgeon) of those surgeries he says he does only about 1 in 70 for pain. In other words he said that he doesn’t do a lot of surgeries for pain as he believes most people’s pain isn’t severe enough to have surgery assist them. He also said that he would willingly book me as he said I was a very good candidate and believed the surgery would help with my pain levels.

I asked him if there was any way I could further hurt my back in terms of exercise. He said in short my back is F*cked already and yes it would hurt if I exercised but if I could handle the pain I wasn’t going to do any more damage.

He also said if I believed there was more I could push myself in terms of exercise I should try that avenue first before resorting to surgery. That was November Last year and I have done nothing. Finally this year I have started the V-Diet.

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