The Bas@#$s Left Pizza on my Desk!

Today was day 28, and I have to say it went well.

The first three weeks were hell, but this week I felt like myself again. My energy level was up and I felt pretty good all week.

As usual the jackasses I work with tried to sabotage me. They left 3 pieces of pizza on my desk yesterday, and doughnuts this morning.

They just don’t get that after staying dedicated for 27 days there is no force on earth that could make me screw it up on the last day.

Will post my stats tomorrow after the final weigh in.

Drive on all!


Rooster…the SOBs in my office went for cheeseburgers, then came back and ate them in my office. Fuckers.

I’m on Day 27–and I haven’t wavered yet…can’t believe they’re dumb enough to think I would.

Congrats on finishing…I’m right behind you.

They tried triple underhanded on Thursday; bringing in a salad with a hyooge chunk of grilled salmon on top; and have been eating Indian and Ethiopian and Thai on top of that. But I’ve been behaving; and it’s really showing.

I can’t believe the people you know.

Holy. Crap.


I really think that sucks! Dumbassess! I think I would ahve smashed them up and left in their offices. On second thought I don’t know if I am mean enough for that, but at least I would put in their garbage cans where they could see it. Shows who is the better man!! Dumbasses!!!


One of the difficult things about dieting is that is can separate you from your peer group. I work in a large company IT department and my coworkers are all talented and competitive at their jobs, but they are also all overweight. Several of them dangerously so. I think the fact that I have decided to change things makes them feel threatened or something.

I have a long ways to go, but it makes me more determined when they encourage me to quit.

Stay Strong


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