The 3rd Time WILL be the Charm

This is the 3rd time I’m trying the V-Diet and hopefully I’ll last longer than the 1st and 2nd one. The first time I tried the Velocity Diet was when it first came out and I lasted 2 weeks. The 2nd time was this January, and I lasted about 4 days. So, I’m pissed and it’s time to succeed.

My stats such as bf% sites and measurements are at my work, so I’ll list them later. But two important stats that stick in my head is that I’m 204lbs and 21.3%bf. My subscap and abdominal sites are over 20mm. OUCH, that hurts just typing that.

I plan on updating every Saturday, meaning If I don’t, I failed.
Here’s a short list why I didn’t succeed both times, and this may help anyone reading this. Chris pretty much listed all of them, but it can help when you list them yourself so you admit your weaknesses.

So here I go:

  1. I’m ADD when it comes to training and diet. T-Nation has new workouts and diet tips every week and I attempt them all instead of having a plan. In a way, T-Nation is the Vegas Spearmint Rhino Strip Club and the diets and workout tips are the gorgeous strippers.

I want to try them all. Now there’s nothing wrong with trying different strippers, but it’s not so good when it comes to getting the full benefit of a workout and diet PROGRAM. So I’m in this for 6wks.

  1. If you screw up and eat something you’re not supposed to, don’t binge the rest of the day. Just jump back on the diet the rest of the day. That’s the analogy of getting a flat tire and slashing the remaining 3. I did this both times before.

  2. Don’t fart snow flakes. I’ll follow the training and nutrition plan as is and won’t add exercises or food, except the 1 HSM. I know the nutrition part is about breaking bad habits and even adding healthy foods takes away from that.

  3. Just because my friend eats terrible once in awhile doesn’t mean I can. For example, a friend and I eat out once a week at various restaurants during our lunch breaks. So CPK, Cheesecake Factory, Marin Brewery, and burger places are often frequented. He’s about 6% bf and he can do this, obviously I can’t.

There’s a few more, but these are my main sticking points.
I weighed in today at 192lbs. A 12lb drop just shows me that my eating habits consisted of nothing but bad carbs and fat.
I plan on updating again next Saturday…

Welcome back. Three times will be a charm :wink: Let’s see it happen this time!


Good list!

Sounds like you’re ready to rock it!

Keep us posted… ‘cause we’re watchin’ you this time!

So here are my ugly stats:

Tape Measurements:
Neck Girth 15in
Chest Girth 39in
Abdomen Girth 36.3in
Waist Girth 35.5in
Bicep Girth 13.75in
Thigh Girth 22.5in
Calf Girth 16in

Skinfold Measurements:
Chest 10.5mm
Midax 13mm
Tricep 12mm
Subscap 25.5mm
Abdomen 37mm
Suprailiac 22mm
Thigh 21mm

My goal is around 17% by May 31st. That’s about 8 weeks after I started the V-diet. 4% in 8 weeks, I believe it’s doable since I haven’t touched a weight or eaten healthy for the last 3 months. And it’s not like I’m 11% trying to get to 7%.

Know what, fuck that, at the least, I WILL BE 17% by May 31st!

Hey, it took me three “tries” to get this thing down. First two times, I tried to stick to a clean diet and ended up quitting. My third time (now) seems to be running pretty smoothly.

Like Chris said, I’ll be watching you!

My favorite Shugart quote:
One more thing to keep in mind: If someone is truly fat and out of shape, then 4 weeks of ANY diet isn’t going to make them look “Voila! Lean and mean.”

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