The 30-Calorie Shake


The 30-Calorie Shake

Here’s a quick and dirty little shake recipe that’s both a craving killer and a summertime cooler downer.

Craving killer application: You’re on a diet and you want to eat, but it’s not time to eat. You know you’re just having a craving. This little shake takes a while to eat and contains no carbs and only 30 calories (mostly from protein.) One of these can tide you over until mealtime.

Summertime cooler downer application: I live in Texas for most of the year. It’s friggin’ hot. This shake cools me down and tastes good.

The Recipe

Any flavor Crystal Light or generic equivalent (I like generic, which is usually calorie-free.)

1/4 scoop <a href=""target=“new”>Grow! Whey protein (Gives it a great texture and milky flavor)


Blend using as much Crystal Light and ice as you want, but make it thick so you have to eat it with a spoon. Options are endless with all the sugar-free drink mix flavors out there.