Thanks for Opening My Eyes

I have been a long time weight lifter. I never really cared about diet. As long as I got stronger, that was all that mattered. Lately, I have stumbled into your forum and realized the value of eating right, especially as I am about to hit 40. I have cleaned up my diet by go almost all meat and some vegetables. In less then 2 weeks, I have noticed some rapid changes in my body. I picked up a copy of the Paleo Solution and am using many of your ideas into my diet. I am in the process of cleaning up my childrens diet as well. More fruits and veggies, less cookies, etc. My goal will be to proudly take off my shirt in public. Thanks for the information and inspiration.

Awesome! Thanks for the note!

Our HSMs & Recipes forum should be a big help, even for the kiddos. I don’t think my daughter even knows I’ve switched her to no-flour pancakes.

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