Thanks Chris

I just wanted to say thanks to Chris. Knowing that there is a forum to ask the author of the diet who will answer you in a very timely factor is one of the main reasons that makes this diet so doable. I appreciate all your responses to my (sometimes stupid) questions.

The Ask Chris and diet logs forums are just one of many reasons that this diet is so successful. For me knowing that these resources were there made it a lot less intimidating to embark on this journey. Keep up the great work Chris and thanks again for all the help and support!

ps. Special thanks to @drewmoore867 for his local help and support.

Thank you! I appreciate the note!

Chris was very helpful and supportive, with the diet but also with everything related to it.
I managed my Vdiet , i am on 2nd week of transition phase and i eat veggies at every meal (two hsm a day), i don’t crave junk, i train hard.

Thank you Chris!

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