Thanks Chris!


about 3 months in on my most serious attempt to cut and the number are in…

early feb
weight: 243
BF% 22

weight: 238 (up 6 pounds since creatine)
BF% 19%

6am - fasted cario 3x a week
11am - German Volume Training

goal: the other side of 15%


The abs are on their way!

Keep us posted!


Nice work Mac!


Just wanted to say a big thank you too. I mastered the V-Diet for 3 and a half weeks then fell at the final hurdle when i didnt have access to shakes - long story but i lost a hell of a lot of weight and is the best diet ive ever done i looked so lean and had the most amount of compliments from friends and family ive had in my life. I plan to restart the V-Diet again soon for my summer holiday but the V-Diet is AMAZING in every way. A test of endurance and will power - made me feel like i could conquer anything - thanks Chris!


Thanks for the feedback, princesskerry!