Thanks a Lot, Shugart!


I just got back from a fire department physical and my weight loss over the past couple years (200 to 188 to 183) sparked the interest of a new doc. He asked me if it was intentional and I said yes. He asked me how I did it and I mulled over telling him about the V-Diet, but settled with the standard “I watched what I ate and exercised”.

So he added checking my thyroid into the tests to make sure it wasn’t acting up.

To be completely fair, he said it’s unlikely my thyroid was an issue since everything else looked normal and he said I could skip the treadmill testing. I just thought the thyroid comment was funny.

The sad thing is my weight was actually down to 175 a few months ago but some bad eating habits crept back in. So now I just got my kick in the butt to get back on the horse and get back into looking better.

I don’t have a 6 pack yet but when I took my shirt off for the rather cute nurse, she stopped and laughed for a second then commented I look nothing like the other 38 year old guys she normally sees. Cute nurse also has a boyfriend (dammitsomuch).


Only in Fat America would fat loss be looked at with skepticism by a doctor! Crazy.