Thank You Is Not Enough


First a little history- Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few years ago. Lost 50 pounds 4 years ago. Decided I wanted to compete in Women’s Physique 3 years ago. Was head long into my prep last year when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Colon cancer, not once did the option to quit pass my mind. 3 months of chemo, 3 months of only keeping Plazma, Mag-10 and Egg whites down, 3 months of the only place I went was the gym culminated in my WP Debut last weekend.

I put on 5 pounds of lean muscle and kept almost all of it during my 3 month prep at the beginning of this year thanks to Micro-PA, Indigo-3G​, Surge Workout Fuel and Mag-10.

I placed 3rd in Masters and 4 in Open as well as being award Inspirational Athlete. I would not have managed to even make it to stage let alone kicked cancer’s ass without Plazma, Mag-10, Micro-PA and Indigo-3G​. Thank you for top notch products produced in an easily digestible and tasty manner. Looking forward to continuing to be “a force to be reckoned with” on stage this year and into the future.


If I could stand up straighter and clap harder, I would.



Congratulations… and continued success in all of your life endeavors. :sunglasses:


Most people would’ve let any one of those obstacles stop them. You didn’t, x 3. Badass.


WOW. Incredible!! Keep us updated.


Second show for me and last show for this season. I was struggling to get my poses locked in, thinking I needed salt. Still managed to come in looking better, but was so focused on things not working with the posing that I completely forgot to smile. So my placing was commiserate with my resting bitch face.