Thank You, Biotest!

For the past several years, I have attempted to return to the great shape of my youth, but have had little success. I have been a huge believer in Biotest products and would take your supplements even during those frequent times when I was discouraged about lack of progress - and these were quite common.

However, it has now all turned around for me!

I started with Indigo and then added Plazma to the mix. What a difference! I could go much longer in the gym and my personal endurance improved immeasurably!

However, when I added Micro-PA, I was astounded! Just a few weeks after I started taking it religiously, someone walked up to me in the gym and commented on how much my physique had changed lately.

A few weeks more, I asked my trainer to measure my body fat. Through using Indigo, Plazma, and Micro-PA, I had lost 3 pounds of body fat during the past three weeks. The best part was that I had added 4 pounds of muscle!

My overall weight barely changed.

Thank you, Biotest! I now have confidence that I can achieve my fitness dreams.

Super-cool testimony…thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

The Indigo-3G, Micro-PA and Plazma are an amazing combo, it has worked wonders for me too. Sounds like you’ve done some great progress, keep it up!

True that!

My weight has remained relatively unchanged (205), but my body composition is noticeably different (It’s not just me either, my wife and others have made comments on the change). Everything from Traps, Chest, and Lats looking more defined to love handles pretty much gone with a flatter stomach and abs starting to poke through.

All my lifts are up too. I seems like I’m setting PRs all the time and this has all been happening while on a cutting. I’m 100% sure the Micro-Pa is a big part of it!

Now if I can just remain patient for the new SWF formula…

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