Tgadd's Before/After



Thank you for your amazing program. I stuck to it (and besides having one cheat meal the 2nd to last day) I followed it. I think the results really show.

I’m 6’4 and I started at 245# and finished at 227#, losing 18#. I lost 3.95% body fat. I lost .75 in neck, 2.5 in chest, 3.5 in waist, 3.75 in hips.

This diet/program is amazing. It really helped me get over a plateau and set my mindset to move forward with my dieting and lifting. After the V-Diet I’ve continued to lose weight and I’m down to 214#.


Needed to add the picture.


Obvious changes. Hopefully you can stick with the iron game, keep the diet in check, and have a whole new set of photos in a few months.