TFran Log


Well today was the first day I started the diet. Shakes are pretty decent but the superfood absolutely kills the taste of the vanilla shakes. I am hoping it will taste better when I get to the chocolate protein later on this month. I’ve had my 4 meals today already, well 3 meals and a snack, and I am about to have my bedtime meal but I am really not all that hungry. Looking forward to keeping this thing going.


We look forward to watching your progress!


Day two not nearly as bad as day 1 was. I still hate the Superfood but its good for you so its whatever. Did some running this afternoon just to get my heartrate up. Did five 200 meter sprints all out with a minute thirty second rest inbetween each one. I was sucking wind pretty hard by the last one. Ima post up one of my before pictures that way i have to look at it every night when i document how it is going. I do feel healthier and better already and its only day 2! Tomorrow will be a good day.


Day 1


Day 3

Still going strong. My milled flaxseed and natural nut butter came in today and it gave some extra needed falvor to the shakes. I can tell a difference already in my body and it feels great. I have PT tomorrow morning though so itll be strange to see how my morning goes taking Surge in the morning. I held strong today while my roommate ate his three glorius slices of pizza haha. Tomorrow is friday which means only a couple more days till my Sunday with my HSM. Goodnight fellow V-Dieters