Texas ff V-Diet Log


Hey v-dieters and lurkers, I will be starting my v-diet Jan 3 along with 3 other guys at my station. We will be doing the full v-diet. Depending on how it is going I am planning on doing the same fasting that mmanyc did starting maybe week 3, we will see. We are all in good shape. I will be posting my pictures but not theirs, but I will update on everyone. As far as bodytypes, I am 6’ 200 33, other 3 are 5’9 190 38, 5’10 210 28, 6’4 250 34, and have athletic builds. We all workout regularly and will be using the advanced workout. Here are my measurements.

left arm 16.75
right arm 17
neck 16.5
chest 41.5
umbilical 36.5
left thigh 26
right thigh 26


Here are my before pics


back pic


Back pic




Looking forward to following your progress!


thats awesome. here in MI myself and 3 others from my station are starting this on the 3rd also. good luck stay safe.


Are ya’ll getting a lot of grief over it? There are bets already being made on when and who drops out. Ha!


We have heard just about everything. The other guys put a calender up and are making bets also. Its helping to motivate. The cap made it clear that he doesn’t give a shit what kind of diet we are on, he still wants his meals on time. That will be the toughest part, cooking for everyone else. Good luck.


No matter where you go, fire departments are the same… We won’t have to worry about cooking for the most part, we have a big station 10 people. So there are still plenty of people to do the cooking.


Working today took leucin, Superfood, fiber, HOT-ROX and fishoil this morning. Got to work late… thanks Iphone alarm glitch! Once I did all my checks got in some fasted NEPA, 30 min at 4.0. Then drank my shake. Felt good until this afternoon got a little hungry around 2 pm until I had my shake at 3. Also had a slight headache until I had my Surge after my workout this afternoon. Feeling pretty good now. Here is my workout. Short rest periods make it a bitch.

Barbell Row 225lb 5,5,4,3,3
High bar close stance back squat 225lb 5,5,5,5 cant do OH squat, lack of flexiblity
Dips w/ 50lb vest 5,5,5,5
Ab roll outs with bar and 2 45lbs 5,5,5,5
Power shrugs 335lb 5,5,3

Also this is what the station ate this evening. Green chili enchilada casserole.


Got some bad news today… Went to the doctor to get a spot on my back checked that just popped up yesterday that had been bothering me, turns out to be shingles. How much does that suck?! Well luckily I caught it early and got some meds so it wont spread hopefully, its pretty small right now. I am also upping my dose on the fishoil got some b12 and vitC and upping dose on vitD to help combat it. Will probaly have to tone down the weight on workouts to keep my immune system good until it clears. Also gotta be extra careful with the baby.

Diet is going smoothly, great actually. Only time I crave anything is when I make my sons baby food. We make our own out of organic veggies, fruit and recently meats. Got to get him started right you know. Did some good stretching this morning while in a fasted state. Started using the neanderthal no more stretching routine last week and plan on doing it on my off days along with walking my son and the dog for nepa. Didnt get walking in today due to being at the doctor. Wish me luck on a fast recovery…


Day 3 almost down it has been the hardest by far, have not been starving but my cravings have been ridiculous, really a cheeseburger would be nice. Got my usual fasted nepa in this morning walking the kid and dog. Started feeling really weak and unmotivated this afternoon. After my warm up starting sipping on the surge to hopefully get some mojo going, no luck. Felt really weak and sick about halfway through, I even kept the weight lighter than normal and still struggled. It may be the diet, it may be my new friend shingles!! The combination is whats conspiring for my failure probaly. Kid wasnt happy at all this afternoon either. Really a great day! Well I work tomorrow we will see how it goes. Here is my pitiful workout.

Pullups w/ fatgrips bw 8,8,8,8,8
Incline bench w/ fatgrips 165lb 8,8,5,5,5,3,3,2
Deadlift 235lb 8,8,8,8,8
curls with fatgrip 45lb 8,8,8,8,8


keep it up. the second night and all day today i felt really weak, and sick. wondering if i got the flu. had to ride ambulance on monday and picked up a lot of sickies. good luck.


Yesterday got sent home from work do to shingles… nice… It was nice to be home with the wife though. Felt good most of the day.Did my nepa and some yoke. Today did my nepa, also decided to move my training to the morning, since I have been tired in the afternoons and have been getting nauseous during the workout. Well today was even worse couldnt finish the push presses due to extreme tiredness and nausea. Ended up vomiting about 10 minutes after my workout, gross! Feels like I am hypoglycemic, not sure whats going on. I am going to lower the weight I am using and see how that goes. Here is todays workout.

Zercher squats 225lb 5,5,5,5,5
Bench press w/ fatgrips 185lb 5,5,5,4,3,3 this is when I started feeling bad
wide grip pull ups 5,5,5,5,3,3
push press 115lb 3, dnf.
vomit x 1


Yesterday went pretty well. Did my v-burn challenge in the morning before I drank any of my shakes. Did take some leucine and HOT-ROX before though. Felt good the whole time didnt push it real hard as I am afraid of the nausea bouts coming back and I wanted to get the work in, finished it in 42 minutes. Had my nephews birthday party to attend at chucky cheese. Luckily I know that the pizza there is horrible so I wasnt tempted. Got my HSM in around 830 that night due to church, but it was well worth the wait. Had whole wheat penne pasta with hot italian turkey sausage, red bell peppers, onions, serrano chilis, garlic, and green tomato pesto, maybe the best ever. Also had spinach leaf salad w/ vinagerette dressing a glass of whole milk and a small glass of red wine. Didnt get any nepa in due to a busy day and not getting home until 8. One week down.


glad to see you’re sticking with it despite life throwing you some curve balls. kick ass in week 2 :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah it was a hard first week. I wanted to quit but my wife wouldnt let me and I would never hear the end of it at work, sick or not. Yesterdays nepa consisted of laying tile in the kitchen I will be doing that again today. It has snowed pretty good here and I cant take the kid out for long walks in this. I did get some walking in after I lifted this morning at the gym though.

Changed my workout up, there was just no way I was going to make it through another week like that. I equate the feeling to doing gassers while being hungover. My body is just not accepting the low carb plus heavy exertion low rest. I think it will be better to get the work in rather than adhere strictly to the regimen. All exercises were worked up to a easy 5rm and kept the rest to around a minute.

back squat atg 135x8, 185x5, 225x5x2, 245x5
underhand pendelay rows 135x5, 185x5x2, 205x5
db incline 60’sx5, 75’sx5x2, 80’sx5
abs heavy sit ups 4 sets of 5. No ab roller at gym

Felt good after workout, tired but no nausea. I believe that this is what I will stick to. I weighed in at 192/193 on gym scale which isnt the one I started with, so a loss of 6-7lbs. Irregardless, what the mirror says means more. I finally noticed a difference this morning, top 4 abs coming in good. Wife says she has really noticed. Guys at work are all doing good with good results I am told. With the biggest drop being 10lbs this week.


Yesterday was good. Shingles seem to be all cleared up, I will be back to work on sat. I have a vacation day today, awesome! For yesterdays nepa I finished tiling the kitchen with inbetween bouts of playing with the kid. I was exhausted by the time my wife got home. Trying to tile a kitchen and watch a 9 month old together is some hard nepa.

I was getting real hungry about a hour or so before it was time to drink my next shake throughout the day. My workout this morning went well. But as soon as I upped the intensity I could feel the nausea creeping in. So I would back off some. I am so ready for this diet to be done with and get back to my normal routine.

Pullups and dips supersetted 8,8,8,8,8
Deadlifts no belt today 135x8, 225x8, 245x8, 275x8, 295x5,1,1
preacher curls dropsets 80x8,70x8,60x8,50x5,3,40x8
hanging leg raises 8,8,8,8,8


i read that you usually take your flax, and leucine in the morning before your shake. I was wondering how you take your flax. I put it in my shake and just cant stand it. any suggestions, thanks.