Test Boosters


Gregory asks:

I am a potentially new customer. My brother uses your stuff. The Mag-10 and Plazma for his Olympic training. I however am about to start trade school again in 2 and half months. Well the trade school is also in a big university town. I want to gain 10-15 more pound of muscIe in that time. I was looking at your GH and Test boosters and you have many choices. What do you recommend I start with. I am going to be buying Flameout for sure, if I order form you. I will be training twice a day. I am lean, just want to put a bull rush on muscle.


As one view (many have other views) I see even the best testosterone boosting supplements as being important for some for libido and how they feel. Alpha Male is the premier product for this.

However for muscle gain, especially for a young guy who has no particular reason to suspect testosterone problems, test boosters generally are not important and can be left out of even the most ambitious program.

As illustration, it’s well known and thoroughly demonstrated that low doses of even injected testosterone don’t really do that much for muscle gain. It takes relatively large doses to see major difference, and even the best boosters of natural production don’t give those kinds of increase.

It is worth making sure that diet provides the support needed for testosterone production. The main area of possible deficiencies are zinc, or a diet that’s misguidedly low in fat (less than 30% of daily calories.) ZMA or Elite Mineral Pro will take care of the zinc issue, or if red meat intake is high, that would already be taking care of it.

For best results in this quest for rapid mass gain, your brother’s choice of MAG-10 and Plazma would also be the right choice for you, combined with keeping your overall protein intake relatively high (about 200-300 g/day,) being sure to get sufficient caloric intake, and training hard and smart. I particularly recommend Christian Thibadeau’s training articles for training. Flameout will be valuable also, as it’s difficult to get sufficient DHA intake from food alone and in many cases, inflammation will hold back muscle gain.


Thanks for your response Bill. I understand what you are telling me. I am planning on doing Dan Blewett’s Rapid ReInflation plan, because it seems to work best with what I have now. I am also doing strongman style outdoor workouts. I can invest in the Plazma, MAG-10, Flameout, and the ElitePro minerals. I just ran out of protein powder, and I need something more caloric dense than Metabolic Drive. I was thinking Russian Bear.


If it’s convenient to add oils to Metabolic Drive, macadamia, coconut, or olive are great additions. (The first two also great for taste, the last not so much.) I think there’s more to be said for using a quality protein powder plus nutritionally beneficial oils than there is for using a combination product that mixes in a generic oil and/or carb of no particular powder.

I’m not familiar with the Russian Bear product, other than tablets I took way back in the 90s which must be a different product.

If further desiring to add carbs, it doesn’t necesssarily have to be in the drink – here’s a lot to be said for having along with the drink slow-cooked oatmeal, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, turnips, squash, plantains, various legumes, potatoes of various kinds, rye berries, barley, or rice.


I would much rather eat the additional carbs than have to chunk it down in one shake. You provided lots of choices, have you heard of Dan Blewett’s Rapid ReInflation program? I thank you for your time and insight.


I read it at the time, but myself haven’t done the program. I read through it now again. Solid program, it certainly seems to me.

You’re very welcome!