Temporary Replacement for Indigo-3G?

It appears both Indigo-3G and Micro-PA are out of stock. I’m currently 7 weeks in on a 12 week workout plan where I’m looking to gain 12lbs of lean mass. So far I’m pretty on track - about 8 lbs (139 to 147) with nearly no measurable/noticeable fat gain. I’m not entirely sure it is due to the taking Indigo-3G and Micro-PA but I would like to see the plan through to the end without changing variables, but… Indigo-3G and Micro-PA are out of stock. I don’t have a lot of Indigo-3G left maybe 10 days or so and I live in a remote area of Canada so shipping takes awhile…

Does anyone have a suggestions for a temporary replacement for Indigo-3G? I’ve read Berberine may have a similar effect but have yet to try it.

Currently my supplementation is:

  • Micro-PA (per instructions)
  • Indigo-3G (per instructions)
  • Plazma and Mag-10 peri-workout and Mag-10 once a day on non-workout days
  • Taurine and Tyrosine before workout
  • Glycine, Magnesium, Glutamine and Creatine HCL after workout
  • Chromium/Vanadium, Vitamin C, D, and Psyllium once a day
  • Flameout (per instructions)
  • Curcumin with Piperine 3 times a day
  • apple cider vinegar before non-peri-workout meals

I’m eating about a 300-400 kcal surplus per day spread across 5 meals plus a scoop of Casein before bed and am doing a push-pull split 2 days on 1 day off workout routine.

So far everything seems to be working and I don’t really want to change anything until the 12 week cycle is over after which I plan to do 3 weeks in a 40% calories deficit to lose the last 2 or 3 lbs of stubborn fat I had going into the cycle (I had hit wall with fat loss in December where I stopped seeing results and was generally tired of being in a calorie deficit).

Any suggestions on the replacing Indigo-3G until more is in stock?

I’m thinking of adding either Alpha Male or Carbolin 19 along with Rez-V to the stack, would this be worth it?

Also I haven’t been able to find any info on the benefits of Alpha Male over Carbolin 19 or vice versa?

If you read all that, thanks for taking the time :slight_smile: and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

There’s some solid science behind berberine, so that’d be a good call. I believe cyanadin-3-glucoside has more going for it overall, and that’s why it was the basis of the Indigo-3G formula, but berberine would serve a similar purpose until it comes back in stock (likely April, I heard, for both that and Micro-PA).

I was also going to say 2Tbsp apple cider vinegar before meals but you’re already doing that, so good call there.

If you’re over 30-ish, Alpha Male and Rez-V is definitely a great combo to support test levels that naturally decrease with age. Younger guys don’t typically “need” support so they don’t often get a significant benefit from test boosters.

The Alpha Male formula contains a serving of Carbolin 19, so it’s more comprehensive. It’s also specifically designed to boost test, first and foremost. Carbolin 19 has some test-boosting properties on its own, but it can also be used for body composition by itself.

This talks about why/how the Alpha Male formula was put together. The part discussing forskolin applies to Carbolin 19, since that’s its key ingredient:

That’s a pretty badass goal and great progress so far. You should check out the T-ransformation challenge over on the T Nation forum and toss up a pic from when you started:

I see Berberine recommended above. I’ve been taking that bit it can be rough on the digestive system and for me has caused some low blood sugar occasions esp in combination with creatine. My A1C went from normal 5 to 4.7 (low normal). So I had backed off from Berberine in favor of C3G. Everyone is different so it may not impact you as much but just wanted to share my experience.

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