Tell Me More About Carbolin 19

I’m paranoid/ignorant about two things with this supplement…

  1. Does it have any effect on the heart? I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and although it causes almost no side-effects (occasional palpitation, and I have had ECG scans and was cleared for physical activity) I’m always paranoid about how something might interact with my heart. I know that Hot-Rox mentions something about maybe causing heart palpitations and forskolin is one of its ingredients.
  2. According to the promotional page, users have felt in elevation in mood. I’m also not looking to mess with anything that may have this effect.

So anyway, let me know more if you’ve taken it. In addition to these questions please let me know how it worked for you in general. The promotional page seemed to over-hype it which is unusual for Biotest so maybe it really is that good. I plan to use it for a fat-loss phase. I sit at 12% year-round with no specific fat-loss efforts (apart from training and paying some, but not much, attention to diet) but I’d like to see where I end up if I make a serious effort with fat loss.

I used Carbolin 19 as a standalone product when it was first released and subsequently as an ingreidient in Hot-Rox and Alpha Male, so…

  1. I would discuss this with your doctor just to be safe, but I never noticed any effects on my heart rate or jittery feeling.

  2. Other than being encouraged by changes in body composition, I can’t say it made an impact on my disposition.

Like previously mentioned, it’s been several years since I used Carbolin 19 by itself, but I did appreciate the increased pump, and it was significantly easier to maintain a manageable level of body fat while adding mass.

If you’re looking for something to aid in fat loss without any potential stimulatory effects, check out Indigo-3G.

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