'Tell' Chris

::WARNING - long post ahead::

I know you’re probably super busy right now with the V-Diet 3.0 release, but I wanted to make sure this was out there somewhere in the hopes you read it.

Chris, I just wanted to post and publically say Thank You for saving my husband’s life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you more than I can say.

He got the diet urge after the doc he’s been seeing for his back problems for several years said he should lose some weight and was looking ‘soft’. To give you an idea - he’s six-three started out at 222.5 pounds and had a waist measurement of 46 inches. Stop for a moment, do the mental math and get the visual. At any age, bad, but approaching 50? Very, very scary.

I’d gotten progressively more worried, but his personality is one that if you say something - anything - or suggest a change, it’ll make him dig in that much deeper and resist. I knew that anything had to start with him and that he could only be guided. I just had to hope he’d change before he died.

He’s always supported me, my training and my ‘wacky diet’ (PN), but other than dinners at home, ate like most Americans (maybe even a little worse) and didn’t get off the couch too much.

He was thinking about Slimfast, cabbage, grapefruit and all the other crap diets out there. I asked to find him a plan and work with him. He accepted and actually did it!

We really, really had to separate training/diet coach and home life. I even set up a separate e-mail account to send him articles and ideas (Mental Mastery and Phoenix Theory were two) that I thought would help.

When we left the front door, I was the trainer, not the wife until we returned. We avoided a lot of strife that way. I also adjusted my diet so I wasn’t cooking in front of him. I love the big lug and really, really wanted him to succeed.

Training was interesting as well. When we started, he coudn’t even do a single BW squat or two modified pushups in a row. Don’t even think about unilateral stuff. By the end, he was working through the programs like a champ - cursing me (and you and Chad, although he doesn’t know your names) the whole way. (Hey, whatever it takes!)

He also was initially surprised when his chronic knee, shoulder and back pain started diminishing. It took a bit, but he figured out that one as well.

What I found most interesting was the attitude changes that he didn’t even realize were happening.

Pre diet - You know, I’m just doing this to lose a few pounds, but I’m not giving up pizza and fries for lunch.

At the first HSM ‘What’s this red stuff?’ ‘Quinoa.’ ‘Huh, pretty damn good.’

Second week (after actually walking to the store for a magazine) ‘I don’t think I did enough today, let’s go to the gym for another walk.’ Now, mind you - this guy would drive to the mailbox.

Nearing the end of the diet itself, he was looking into getting a bicycle and chomping at the bit to add in some more activities.

During the transition (a very, very strict 4-week one), he started thinking about our upcoming cruise in May and how he was going to plan getting in his workouts, his walks, some supplementary ‘cardio’ (HIIT, but he doesn’t know that.)

He’s not had a problem passing up the donuts and pizza at work. Has developed strategies when eating at a buffet so he doesn’t overeat and can avoid the stuff that got him into trouble in the first place. Actually likes veggies and can not only pass up sweets, but potatoes and rice too if he hasn’t ‘earned’ them.

He only lost about 11 pounds on the diet itself. He’s been gaining muscle during the whole process so the scale doesn’t mean a lot to us. The big number? The one that really means something? He lost just about 7 inches off his midsection in the four weeks. And it’s still coming off!

So, thank you Chris. For the diet that started it all and that saved a life.

Side notes:

Men are pigs and women are manipulative. When things got tough one day, I brought out the big guns. ‘Honey, when you lose the gut, just think of what you’ll be able to actually SEE when we’re having sex.’ Like I said before - whatever works.

A switch from a highly processed diet and giving up soda at the same time created a bit of light-headedness at the start. A small touch of sea salt in the morning and evening shakes with the flax really helped this problem. (I’d learned that trick since I train outside in Phoenix in the summer.)

Regular mouthed canning jars (pint and quart) are compatible with many standard blender bases. (Make sure you test fit first). Jars can usually be had for pretty cheap from thrift stores and lids and bands can be purchased from most grocery stores. They make great spare travel containers at a very reasonable price.

Cell phone appointments alarms are a godsend. I programmed appointments for meals and pills with reminder alarm in his phone. He bitched for the first week. Got used to the pattern by about the third week and we could turn them off by the second week of transition.

Great story

Thanks for passing that story along! I’m glad I played a part is helping him get out of that 40+ inch waist danger zone. So, great job by him, and a great job by you as coach/enforcer!

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