'Teff Flour'


I’ve been lurking on here for a while, but only just joined today… I’m following a ‘low’ (or at least greatly reduced) carbohydrate diet, and the HSMs section of the forum has been a real godsend; the addition of coconut flour recipies is really exciting because I am violently allergic to almonds so can’t use the flour! I had just placed an order for my first batch of coconut flour on ebay when i saw this:

i’m having real difficulty finding any nutritional information on ‘Teff’, just wondering if anybody knows how it pans out as a substitute for wheat flour / if it’s even worth using at all!

thanks x

p.s. i don’t have a clue why random words are HTML linked, I am a complete technophobe*

*edit: they’ve gone now, odd…


I haven’t used teff myself. It does have a lower GI and it is gluten-free, but it is a grain and I avoid grain/grass eating myself.