Ted's V-Diet log (Jan 2016)

Hey T-Nation,

Began the V-Diet today and wanted to start up a log of my progress. Stats, background and pics.

Age: 27
Height: 5’6”
Highest Weight: 265 lbs
Lowest Weight: 196 lbs
Current Weight: 211.5 lbs

Chest - 46.25"
Arm- 14.25"
Abs - 45.5"
Hips - 44.5"
Thigh - 24.5"
Calf - 16.5"

2013: lost 60 pounds through jogging and calorie counting

2014: Basked in my “glory” and slacked a bit, only intermittently jogging and counting calories. Over the year I gained back 20 lbs (225lbs total).

First half of 2015: Joined a HIIT bootcamp, starting 1 day a week up to 6 days a week. Started weight lifting and did a stint of PT sessions. Also started fencing. Got down to 196lbs.

Second half of 2015: Moving my house and my job threw me off for a couple of months but I started back up with Stronglifts in my garage gym and a mostly balanced diet (damn you social outings!). But with the diet and training inconsistencies and the holidays I’m at 211.5 as of this morning.

Today: Started the V-diet! (more info in the next post)

The last 3 years I’ve spent learning about fitness, nutrition, motivation, determination and myself. I’m ready to reach my goals in 2016.

*Not that the pictures show but I do in fact smile.

I don’t think anyone smiles in a shirts off before picture. Good work in getting here and we’ll all be here to help. Good luck man. Welcome

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Thanks Jodgey!

Would have posted day 1 yesterday but my thread was awaiting moderation, so here we go.

V-Diet Day 1 - 1/3/2016

7a Half a shake w/ Superfood
8a-9a HIIT Workout and Plazma
930a Second half of breakfast shake
12p Lunch shake
3p afternoon shake
6p HSM
9p Evening Shake

Diet, weightlifting routine and NEPA I am not deviating BUT I am switching out the VBurn for HIIT bootcamp. They are good motivators, good teachers and the camp’s workout goal and style matches what the Vburn aims to do. Before my HRM died I would see 700-1200 calories burned in an hour of camp. Plus as a software developer any excuse to get outside is great. NEPA for the day was light jog after camp.

HSM for the week (some for me, some for the girlfriend):

6oz Boneless/skinless chicken thighs, 6oz brocolli, 1 cup of rice, little bit of onion and green peppers.

Tracked in MFP because I like seeing the numbers broken down:

Overall: Had some hunger pangs but strategic cup of black coffee or tea helped with that.


  1. Is there a enough Plazma for 16 workouts at 2 scoops a serving? Packaging makes it seem there is only 20 scoops in the bag.

  2. I do Historical European Martial Arts (NY Times Video about HEMA) Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Classes are 1 hour of drills, then an hour of free sparring (3 minute fights, I typically do 5 and we typically go hard). Do I supplement with Plazma at all since it’s pretty physically demanding, or just deal with being sluggish for the next month. I’m not vain enough to let that bother me, If I gotta take it slower at class so be it.

  3. Hot-Roxx, I typically am leery of thermogenics but Ive come to trust Biotest. I thought about trying it but I really enjoy a cup of coffee or tea throughout the day, thoughts on if the switch is worth it?

Thanks everyone!

V-Diet Day 2 - 1/4/2016

830a Breakfast shake w/ Superfood
12p Lunch shake
3p Afternoon shake
5p Intermediate Monday WorkOut and Plazma
6p HSM (Chicken, broccoli, rice)
9p Evening Shake

Coffee and tea throughout.

I picked the intermediate workout because I had the equipment for it (well mostly) and was familiar with the exercises. I have a growing garage gym I workout in with a power rack. My dumbells only go up to 45 so I had to do barbell bench press. I can’t do unassisted pull ups well and even with a band it was tough. Also, reading is hard so I got my reps and load a little off before re-checking the vdiet book, but the workout was still tough and I felt like I accomplished what I needed to.

A) Front Squat:
Warmup - bar, bar, 95lbs
Work -(135lbs) 9,8,7,6,5,5

B) Band Assisted Pull Up:

C) Barbell bench Press
Warmup - bar, bar, 95lbs

D) Ab Wheel Rollout

As for my questions from the other day, I’ll forget about adding any plazma and deal with any energy loss for fencing and unless someone says hotroxx is a miracle I’ll probably stick to coffee and tea.

Picked this up for $25, so far works well for shake making at work.

Daily struggle at the office snack bar

Girlfriend and I practicing our gym selfies post workout

Two things I can definitely relate to…

  1. Office junkfood. Every day. I’m with you, buddy. I can generally avoid the candy and cookies, but when the boss brings Panera Bread Co Bagels? That’s brutal.

  2. I ordered Hot Rox to go with my V-Diet stack (I start the diet in a few days, when the supps arrive), but I too am a little hesitant to stop coffee and take pills instead. I love starting my work day with coffee. I try to stay under 200mg of caffeine a day, though, so I’ll let you know how intense the Rox are…

Good luck man, I’ll be joining you soon. Look for my thread going up sometime this week.


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@NapalmClambake Yeah the culture of celebrating and rewarding with food is definatly detrimental to a dieting life style. Good luck on your VDiet!

V-Diet Day 3 - 1/5/2016

9a Breakfast shake w/ Superfood
12p Lunch shake
3p Afternoon shake
6p HSM (Chicken, broccoli, rice)
730p Fencing
930p Evening Shake

Coffee and tea throughout.

Not sure if 2 week break from the holidays or the diet caused it but I gassed out earlier than usually during fencing but it was still a great night.

Overall feeling good, Id say 30 minutes before shake time I start feeling the pangs but no slip ups or cheats. I’ve come to worship every bite of the HSM.

Added a serving of Apple Cider Vinegar before bedtime after reading up on it on T-Nation. Right now my evening sups are Apple Cider Vinegar, ZMA, Valerian Root and Melatonin (I have trouble getting good sleep).

Strong work and thanks for the encouragement! I like the MFP screenshot. Mine looks pretty much the same except for a sweet potato instead of rice. I’m assuming oatmeal is acceptable on the program? I didn’t see it listed as a healthy starch in the guide.

You’ve got this!

Thanks @Mod_Starr.

@jeffm40 I don’t have the answer but everything I read on T-Nation that rolled oats, steel cut oats or oat bran are pretty safe carbs to eat for the health conscious.

V-Diet Day 4 - 1/6/2016

830a Breakfast shake w/ Superfood
11am Tom Yum soup broth
1p Lunch shake
4p Afternoon shake
6p Intermediate Wednesday work out and Plazma
7p HSM (Chicken, broccoli, rice)
930p Evening Shake

Coffee and tea throughout.

Holy crap did I crash hard this day, I thought I was coming down with a cold or something. Remembering my experiment with Keto early this year I thought maybe I was sodium deficient so I ordered some hot and sour broth from the local thai place and felt better within the hour. Best guess from MFP it was only 50-75 calories so I don’t think its a big mis step.

A) Reverse Lunge
Warmup - no weight
Work -(20lbs ea) 10, 10, 10,10 (each leg)

B) Bent Over Row
Warmup - bar, bar, 95lbs
Work -(135lbs) 9, 8,8,8,7

C) Push Press
Warmup - bar, bar, 95lbs
Work -(115lbs) 10, 8, 7, 7, 8

D) Barbell curl
Warmup - bar, bar
Work -(65lbs) 8,8,6,6,6,5,3

E)Reverse Crunch 12, 10,10,8

Even though the sodium helped I was still feeling out of it and my day was a bit rushed from working late so I don’t think I went as hard as I wanted to. I think I’ll be bringing the weight up more next week. Also NEPA was a little short due to just being behind all day, gonna make up for it Thursday with an extra walk with my dog before fencing.

Weekend overview:

Friday’s diet was perfect, went to lunch with coworkers and had my shake before and green tea at the restaurant. Started doing Plazma at 1.5 servings as suggested by a Mod in another thread. Friday’s workout was roooough. I was tired but I worked as hard as I could.

Saturday’s workout was an unplanned HIIT workout with my brother for our 6 week “Partner Push challenge” we are doing with the weekend bootcamp group. Food was…mostly on point. 2 tbs of "Teddy’s all natural peanut butter (the kind with only 1g sugar) during the day as the hunger pangs were bad and though I had a healthy HSM with a homemade Salsa chicken salad my girlfriend made cookies for guests we had in the evening…and I had 3. I skipped the evening shake this night.

Sunday was my regularly planned HIIT workout in the form of 3x 10 minute EMOMs and it was brutal, but I felt good afterwards. Food was on point besides 1 hard boiled egg post workout and 1 tbs of peanut butter in the afternoon.

Weighed in Sunday morning and am at 207.5, so 4lbs down in week 1. My goal for week 2 is to beat these weekend cravings.

Your workouts sound awesome.

If you have cookies again I’m going to have to ask for your address so I can come over there and thwack your hands with a spatula. Tough love from a V-Diet compadre.

To be fair though, I understand the temptation that comes with having someone else in the house doing their own thing. On Sunday night, 30 minutes after my HSM, my stomach was gurgling out loud…I was pretty hungry still. My wife was enjoying her weekly cheat meal, which I’m obviously passing on for the duration of the V-Diet. She had a Jimmy John’s sub sandwich and BBQ kettlechips and a cookie. That glorious, fluffy white bread… those crunchy, greasy chips…

You can’t control what your girlfriend does. You can’t ever really control what’s going on around you. You can only control how you react to it.

P.S. - My spatula is not made of rubber. It’s an expensive spatula. Metal, and surprisingly heavy.

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@NapalmClambake Ha! I agree and now fear the spatula.

In the GF’s defense, she is a great motivator and enjoys healthy eating…but she also loves baking for people and knows she can’t bake for me. Sigh, my will was weak…

So that 4lbs, I was hoping for more when I see other people putting up bigger numbers in week one buuuut:

  1. My 7 day (last Sunday) weight loss is 4lbs but my 8 day (last Saturday) weight loss is 8 pounds. I attributed Saturday’s higher weigh in to post holiday water weight. So I guess my 4 lbs lost is a good solid 4 lbs I think.

  2. 4 lbs is still good or at least that what I have to convince myself :stuck_out_tongue:

No bones about it. 4lbs in a week is rock solid.

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Great job! Keep it up!

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Been little too busy to keep the log but overall its a copy from week 1.

Sun: HIIT BootCamp
Mon: VDiet lifting session (NEPA long walk with my dog)
Tues: Fencing
Wed:VDiet lifting session (NEPA long walk with my dog)
Thurs: Fencing

-No cheats
-Cut plazma to 1.5 scoops on lifting days, keeping at 2 for bootcamp days
-Night time shake is now 1 scoop instead of 2
-Numbers could be better on lifting, but I guess thats what I get in being in a calorie deficit.

You had me at “no cheats”. Good work.

I’m cutting Plazma to 1.5 scoops as well. Not because of any lack of progress or anything, but just because that stuff makes me feel like I’m chugging a bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup during a workout.

My lifting numbers are down, too. My last workout was rough. I don’t know if it’s the calorie deficit, only getting one day off between hitting the same muscle group repeatedly, or what… but I feel myself getting drained and not having the opportunity to get back to 100%. Tomorrow’s V-Burn challenge could really suck.

But hey, we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and see how it goes in the end.

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Weekend was good, went to the Scottish Highland games on Saturday and walked around for four hours (getting that NEPA in) turned down festival food and drank my pre-made shakes.

Weigh in Sunday was a little bit of a bummer, 1.5 lbs down. Was definitely hoping for more. I suppose any progress is good progress.

HIIT on Sunday was brutal but felt great. Inlaws took us out for indian, I had roasted chicken, rice and vegetables. No delicious curry sauces so I should be okay from that meal.

Starting week 3, all my supplies are good except Plazma. I’ll be out by Wednesday. The serving size was not enough to make it through the 4 weeks. :frowning:

If I’m not mistaken, aren’t some curries good for weight loss? I’m not a big fan of indian food but I thought a curry was made up of lots of spicy peppers and spices… could actually be pretty healthy and thermogenic. Next time you hit up an indian joint, might be worth doing some quick research on different types of sauces, so you don’t have to avoid everything.

Good job dodging festival food for four hours. I’m sure everyone was carrying beer and half the booths smelled like sausage and funnel cake. That’s not easy to do!

Restaurant curry typically is high in fat is the issue I think.

Last week was good, NEPA, workouts and eating all on point. There were a few “indiscretions” over the weekend (wedding and another family function) but the weigh was still 2.5lbs down so progress is progress.

Looking forward to finishing out this last week strong, intentionally shying away from social stuff to reduce temptation. 7.5lbs down this month, Id be really happy to hit another 2.5 this week.

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