Teacher Taking the Plunge

No questions, but just wanted to say a few things:

So far, so good. This is teacher appreciation week, and so when I started this Monday, the only thing I checked for was if anyone in my department had a birthday coming up so I could plan accordingly (plan to not be in the office that day more than absolutely necessary). I saw there were no birthdays, so was GREAT! Then, I get to school Monday, open my email, and am inundated with the extreme amount of food that is trying to be pushed my way this week. Really?! I mean, REALLY? Have they not looked at our staff?

At any rate, that’s a whole other post… Just wanted to say today was rough, but I got through it (this is the end of day 3) and I’ve got a lot more energy, and the shakes are starting to taste good. I’m very happy to not have had any headaches yet (whenever I ingest a lot of man-made sugars, this happens) so I’m hoping it doesn’t happen at all.

Beginning measurements:
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 176.8#
Waist: 37"
Hips: 42.75"
Thighs: 25.75" (both are the same)

I haven’t taken the other measurements, as I just completely forgot, and state testing is around the corner, which is actually why I picked now to start. Since it will be a busy month anyway, figured it would be easier to stick with (major self-control/discipline issues with food, which I’m going to cure).

At any rate, just wanted to chime in, and after a year of reading, looking, thinking, and more thinking, finally decided just to go for it…

Will keep updated as I have the time…

Oh, and I’ve hit all of my walking, which is amazing considering how much I hate it… That right there is a milestone for me…

Awesome. Keep us posted!

And for daily motivation, HSM help, tips, etc. be sure to checkout the LiveSpill section <a href=""target=“new”>HERE. Info and personal help from me, every weekday.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been reading Hammer for a long time now, and have also checked out the other features.
They have definitely helped me make this decision and stick with it.

And I must say I am very proud of myself (I know, it’s only day 4). The math office was stuffed with bagels and cream cheese today, and other teachers, when I came down to get my third shake of the day, were eating the free pasta that was offered to us from the culinary students. While the smell was awesome, and I lingered a minute or two more just to savor the smell, I touched absolutely none of that food. I knew what I needed to do, and knew that while the food would satisfy a momentary craving, it would not help me reach my goals.

I must say, it was hard, as I really, REALLY want tuna and chicken and steak and veggies right now (I actually liked these things before embarking on this journey) I know I’ve got Saturday’s meal coming up. I’ve already hit the halfway mark for this week, and am sticking to this, if for no other reason than to prove to myself I can…

I will definitely keep everyone posted, as this is probably the most extreme thing I’ve ever done in my life!

NEPA walk failed this morning: my shin is in serious pain. I’ve already iced it, and will be icing it throughout the day, as well as borrowing the track coach’s shin bar thingie. Yesterday it hurt a little and stretched out during my walk, but today it got worse as I walked, so I only got in 15 minutes. So I’ll have to break my walk up today in short bursts, but I’m going to get the time in. Tomorrow I’ll do a bike ride to give the shin a rest.

And I still plan on taking the stairs and parking further away, and doing everything I can to increase my movement. It just may be a bit slower to accommodate my shin.

Got another 15 minutes in today, and the shin is still hurting like hell, so tomorrow’s NEPA will be a bike ride around the neighborhood. Tomorrow’s a weight training day as well.

Other than that, I really miss my veggies… I like veggies, always have, and just miss the hell out of 'em. I can’t wait until Saturday when I get seafood, a baked potato, and VEGGIES GALORE!!!

And if it wasn’t for the daily allowance of peanut butter, I would have failed. Shakes are tasting awful, and the sucralose is starting to get to me. No headaches yet, so I’m sticking with it. I am stronger than this and will make it through this.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday… I’ve made it over halfway, I can make it another day and a half…

Welcome to the V-Team…Much success to you.

Thank you.

And just for the record, I dreamt about food again last night, this time about a spinach salad with red bell peppers, onions, a bit of tomato and cucumber, with some canned tuna in water and vinaigrette…

I’m also really proud of myself: I was able to bring the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies home to my fiance and not touch them, or want them, the entire time they were in my possession. Kinda weird to have my stomach slightly turn at the thought of eating them when they used to be my absolute favorite…

Time for the gym…

Makes me laugh a little…I am in a house with 5 other people and they are NOT on the V-Diet. My wife attends cooking/dinner parties then comes home and test the recipes. The other day, she actually walked a pan of of some kind of tuna concoction out of the kitchen, down the hall, and into the bedroom just to show me how “pretty” it looked. WTF??? I can’t say my stomach turned at all…it was almost WAR!


Happy friday to ya.


I think I would have had to just leave the house at that point. Sounds good… I love tuna, and steak, and seafood in general (not bivalves, though), and chicken, and veggies, ok, I’m going to stop now…

Today was weird. I was bursting with energy all day, and now I’m crashing. Can’t make coffee because I don’t like the blend we currently have in the house, and am having a hard time staying awake. I’m also getting really tired of the sweetness of the shakes and the aftertaste left in my mouth. I’m really looking forward to the savory tastes I’ll get with dinner tomorrow.

Gonna try my walking after “dinner” tonight since my leg seems well enough. Also gonna split my last shake in half since I don’t go to bed as early on Friday nights. Can’t wait to see what my weekly measurements are tomorrow. I’m wearing a pair of shorts now that are NOT digging into my waist, so that is just awesome!

I really am staring hard at my vegetable garden, though, let me tell ya… Squash looks like it will be a good crop, and it looks like my broccoli might just make it through whatever seems to be eating it up (and it’s NOT me, unfortunately!).

Here’s my first week’s progress. Tonight is my HSM, so I took measurements and pics this morning. Last week:
Beginning measurements:
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 176.8#
Waist: 37"
Hips: 42.75"
Thighs: 25.75" (both are the same)

Week One:
Weight: 169.4#
Waist: 36"
Hips: 42"
Thighs: 25"

Total lost in inches so far: 2.25"

Pounds lost: 7.4#

Tonight is my hsm, and I’m having salmon with a bunch of veggies, salad, and the healthiest carb Red Lobster can provide… with no dessert, because to be honest, I’m tired of sweet… and yes, I know, it’s not allowed anyway…

So I think I know what will make this kill the sweet tooth for me: the protein shakes are all sweet, so after 28 days of 4 - 5 times of getting hit with sweet, you just don’t want it anymore… I know I’m tired of it after 6 full days, and I still have 22 to go (I count this as a day to get through since I just started it…).

Oh, and NEPA was fine yesterday, walked for an hour. Guess the shin thing just needed a bit of rest, because there was no problem yesterday. Gonna keep icing when needed and massaging it each morning and night.

Today, I get to change rotors and ball joints on my truck… Yippee!

may 2, side

may 2, front

may 2, back

may 8, side

may 8, front

may 8, back

Great work! A+. Simply inspiring. Have a great weekend!


Looking forward to watching your progress. I am glad to see so many women giving it a go. I start in a couple of days, and thought I would encounter fewer women on the forums. Yea, good surprise!

Thanks! I didn’t notice anything in the pictures, but the numbers made me feel great.

HSM is done, and man, I loved the taste of veggies before this, but today was a whole new experience. I was able to taste the basil in the dish, and pick out the other flavors… It was awesome!

And it was finished about 3 hours ago, and I’m still not hungry. Gonna do a half shake, as I felt like I had a lot of food, probably due to the shakes all week.

One week down, three more to go. I can so do this…

Tomorrow is the V-Burn challenge. Can’t wait to see how I do on that…

I’m starting the V-Diet today,and I’m a little nervous. I planned to start the week after teacher appreciation week (I’m a teacher too), so it’s time to get started! I see a difference in your pictures, I hope I can achieve the same results next week.:slight_smile:

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