Target - Weight Gain


I am 28 year old guy and as per my height (176cm) my weight is quite less (58Kgs) I am trying to gain atleast 10 Kgs in the next 3 months. I have tried a lot in the past as well but due to my work schedule, couldnt do so. My Liver is also weak, everytime I took supplementts I used to feel pukish. However presently I feel a bit better and have also started working out. I also take GNC weight gainer 1850 after my workouts. Its been a month, however no great result.

Please advice the path forward.

Thanks n Rgds

First, look at your diet. You are simply not eating enough.

Second, look to your training. Are you training with a good program for hypertrophy? Plenty to choose from here at T Nation.

Third, “weight gainers” are usually just junk calories. Focus instead on workout nutrition. We suggest <a href=""target=“new”>Finibar an hour before training, then <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma just before and during training. Finally, have <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive shakes between meals.

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