Tall Skinny Kid Trying to Gain 40 Pounds of Muscle Mass

Basically i’m 19 years old and plan on trying out for a division 1 football team next year. Now i have about 7 months to gain the weight i need but am unsure how to approach it. I would like to stay close to the line of ncaa legal substances but will stretch the limits. I just need advice on what would be the best thing for me. I’m 6’4 180 trying to get to 220 by october. For the most part i understand how to gain the weight i need and have an excellent weightlifting program but am far from where i need to be. So if anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it.

Calories would be the best thing for you, first and foremost. A very tall, underweight, young dude is in the absolute perfect position to soak up a bunch of size if you provide it ample calories, apply the right training stimulus, and use strategic supplements as icing on the cake.

40 pounds in 7 months would be unrealistic for most people who weren’t in your extremely fortunate situation. You’ve got plenty of natural advantages and every reason why you should be able to hit your goal, but it’s still going to take work and consistency.

Start with a goal of 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, with quality protein, good carbs, and healthy fats in each meal is the foundation. That’s no less than 21 meals a week, not 15 meals and couple of snacks.

The supplement plan is built on workout nutrition, and not really much else for now. Surge Workout Fuel is a good place to start with that. And consider Metabolic Drive for making calorie-dense shakes through the day (between meals, not instead of them).

This article has more tips about fine tuning your general approach.

Do tell. Not trying to be skeptical, but the right/wrong training can absolutely be a factor in how much size you gain. Something as simple as Starting Strength has a track record of great results, while a more detailed bodypart split may not be the best bet if it’s designed poorly.

Hopefully you can see the image. I don’t have Friday’s on the list but Friday’s are typically all 3x5’s at 75% for a deloading day at a faster pace with extra conditioning at the end of the workout.

As much Plazma and/or mag 10 as your budget allows.

Good tips here also especially Defrancos ‘_hour of power’…

I’d recommend SWF, finibars, and metabolic drive (and a Costco membership).

To Chris’ point multiple well rounded meals a day is what is required. It’s actually hard work to eat a lot of clean calories consistently but if at a young age you can learn to cook to some degree for yourself all the better for life in college as an athlete once you get off campus.

It can be as easy as crock potting a ton of meat, baking a ton of chicken or saute ground beef/turkey.

Steaming a lot of rice, baking sweet potatoes/regular potatoes,

oats and whey protein was my go to. Since you’re trying to gain- if you’re looking to break the monotony of clean bulk- Oats, chocolate metabolic drive and peanut butter is pure heaven. Can have this multiple times a day and depending on the portions you make of it easily represents an awesome 600-900 calorie meal that you will look forward to.

I even use peanut butter powder that works equally as well for the taste but you probably welcome the extra calories.

Still remember to eat those greens. Even if it just shoveling dry spinach in your mouth. I bulk shop veggies(and meat and eggs, and peanutbutter and everything) at Costco- Brussels, broccoli, spinach.

Ah college workout templates. I remember the days when I had that type of work capacity to hit it 5X days in a row. Some of those days would take atleast 1.5 hours no? Seems like a ton of volume, so yea make sure you’re crushing your nutrition to recover and mobilizing/prehabbing. This what they prescribe to you or is this of your own making?

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