Taking the Plunge


Started my V-Diet today. I’ve been wanting to do it for about a year now, but this month I’ve reached the tipping point and decided to start on the eve of the holidays.

Leucine is currently sold out and I did not receive any in my order. Is this going to be a big factor? Anything out there to replace it? This morning I just threw in a scoop of BCAA.

All my friends are sceptical of the diet, and my ability to complete it. Hopefully I can draw on the strength of this forum to get thru.

Will post pictures when I get home today.


Don’t listen to your friends, you can FOR SURE do this! Its seriously not that bad and just think that this diet is only 6 weeks, which is a very very very tiny fraction of your life! Look in the before and after photos for inspiration when your feeling frustrated.