Taking the Leap with Liver!

Well thank to TC, we now know that a liver is not just to be discarded with the bones

I hadn’t took the step forward to actually buy liver directly, but there was a nice one in the chicken I just bought.

What can I do with this?

I’d bread it and fry in small cutlets using this method:

Been thinking of doing that myself.

I have to say after reading that article it got me thinking about what I used to do years and years ago–eat desiccated liver tablets. Somehow I got out of the habit, I guess because it became too “old school” when the newer generation of supplements started to come on the scene. So, I recently purchased a large bottle of 500 Uni-Liver Tabs from Universal Nutrition. It was around $26.00, and according to my calculations 4 tabs should equal ~ 1oz. of beef liver. I take 2 tabs, twice a day, for the equivalent of ~ 1/2 pound of beef liver/week.

I know I would never consume beef liver in this quantity (or this consistently) if I had to purchase, prepare, and eat 1/2 pound of beef liver each week. The Universal Nutrition liver tabs are from Argentine beef that is tested for BSE (Mad Cow Disease), grass feed, and hormone free.

My wife and I both agree we could tell a difference within days of starting them–we both felt more energy, more alert, just felt better. We now consider liver tabs as our “multi-vitamin”.


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