Taking Piperine with Indigo-3? EOD Lower Carbs?


I was wondering if it was ok to take Indigo-3 with piperine? Piperine enhances the effects of many supplements so I’d think it’d be fine but I thought I read something about it not being so. I just can’t find that thread.

Also, I’m on a low budget. I workout every other day and eat low carb on my off days (50-100) and higher on my workout days (200-240).

Would it be better to save up purchase later and do a cycle of everyday Indigo use?

Or would a more prolonged use of just my workout days work ok?


There’s no need to add anything to make <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G work better. If it needed it, it would be part of the formula.

Indigo-3G should be used daily for best results. Think about it: you won’t HAVE to have low carb days when you use Indigo-3G to partition nutrients toward muscle gains and not fat storage. It “fixes” your nutrient uptake mechanisms so low carb diets aren’t necessary.


I take the piperine to enhances supplements that I’m already consuming. That is why I use it.

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