Taking on the V-Diet

OK, a little background.

I used to be a devoted follower of T-Nation and the cult of fitness, this was about 6 years back, when I weighed in at 210 lbs with 9% body fat. I gradually spent less time in the gym, spent less time researching fitness, was more mindless in my food choices and developed a taste for beer. This leads me to today, where I am 28 years old 282.2 lbs and covered in enough fat that Inuit people have been mistakenly hunting me for lamp oil.

My wife and I are expecting our first child in November of this year, and I’m not super keen on being shitty out of shape and headed for my first heart attack before my kid turns 18. So, as I kind of operate in an all or nothing fashion, I figured maybe now was the right time to make a serious change, and that is something I am hoping the V-Diet and all of you can help me to achieve.

One of the key tenants in Shugart’s .pdf book was to share your story and progress and have other V-Dieters hold you accountable for some actual results. So I suppose this is my goal.

Current Measurements:

Neck: 19"

Shoulders: 57-3/4"

Chest: 51"

Waist - Above Navel: 50"
Across Navel: 52"
Below Navel: 51"

Hips: 46-1/4"

Upper arms - Left: 17-1/2"
Right: 18"

Upper legs - Left: 30"
Right: 30"

Calves - Left: 18"

    Right: 18"

A few questions I have come across;

Can I snack on Vegetables throughout the day? i.e. Can I eat some celery/spinach/broccoli with my shakes for the feeling of something solid going into my body along with the Metabolic Drive shakes? If yes, what are the limitations?

The V-Diet package came with only one 1300g container of Plazma, however Shugart’s .pdf recommends two servings on each workout day (Including calisthenics day). With this schedule there would only be enough Plazma for 2-1/2 weeks of the V-Diet. I have some old Surge Workout Fuel I could use that is unopened and about 3 years old…

Supplements don’t go bad… right? Currently I have just halved the amount used, this has put me at a deficit of 210 calories on training days though, and to compensate I have been having the upper limit of allowed calories for my HSM on my lifting days (700). Which path is the correct one in this situation?

On the subject of HSM’s, are seasonings/spices permitted on meat? e.g. lemon pepper, salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, curry powder? How about liquid flavouring, lemon juice, white vinegar? And is it permissible to include any dairy, for instance plain greek yogurt into my HSM?

if any fellow V-Dieters could elaborate on these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

The first week is done!

The first 24 hours were a little brutal, it is amazing how good I got at rationalizing having a plate of nachos and snacking on processed shit throughout the day. After I pushed through the first 24, the second 24 were a little better and the 5 days after that have been difficulty free.

It’s been nice seeing the scale drop and the kid on the way has actually been a great motivation…

The workouts have been going well also, one thing I really miss these days is Spike energy, due to the yohimbine HCL I am not able to bring it into Canada anymore… I’m tempted to drive down to Grandforks ND and buy a bunch to take back, this sounds like a paid advertisement I know, but seriously that stuff jazzed me up for workouts.

Anyhow, it has been 7 total days on the V-diet and I think that means new measurements are in order.

Weight: 276.4lbs

Neck: 18" - Down 1"

Shoulders: 56" - Down 1-3/4"

Chest: 50-1/2" - Down 1/2"

Waist: Above Navel: 49-1/2" - Down 1/2"
Across Navel: 51" - Down 1"
Below Navel: 50.5" - Down 1/2"

Hips: 45-1/4"

Upper arm: Left: 17" - Down 1/2"
Right: 17-1/2" - Down 1/2"

Upper leg: Left : 28-1/2" - Down 1-1/2"
Right: 29" - Down 1"

Calves: Left: 17-3/4" - Down 1/4"
Right: 17-3/4" - Down 1/4"

Total weight lost: 5.8lbs
Total inches lost: 10-1/4"

Oh and as an aside, I have been supplementing with Rez-V every morning in addition to my Flameout, this isin’t listed as a suggested V-diet supplement, but I haven’t noticed any negative effects, so I’m going to keep using it.



Well this is day 15, and the past week has been fraught with setbacks, I strained my right shoulder/back pretty good on day 9 and took 3 days out of the gym, kept up with my NEPA though, until Day 12 rolled around, at which point I strained my achilles tendon, and I took a day off of my NEPA.

Luckily I had the foresight to go to a RMT the day I strained my shoulder and I was able to be back in the gym on day 13. As for the strained tendon I have been using compression tape to eliminate the discomfort and have just reduced the intensity with which I have ben doing my NEPA. I’ve taken this as further evidence that weight loss is necessary for me to function properly - my connective tissue should not be under this level of strain.

Luckily I have an absolutely iron will and have not deviated from the diet portion of the V-diet by one iota. As such I somehow continue to make progress.

Day 15 results;

Weight: 270.2 lbs - Down fully 12lbs from outset

Neck: 18" - Unchanged from last week

Shoulders: 56-1/2" - Up 1/2" from last week

Chest: 50-1/2" - Unchanged from last week

Waist: Above Navel: 49" - Down 1/2"
Across Navel: 49-1/2" - Down 1-1/2"
Below Navel: 49" - Down 1-1/2"

Hips: 44-1/2" - Down 3/4"

Upper arms: Left: 17-1/2" - Up 1/2"
Right: 17-1/2" - No change

Upper legs: Left: 28-1/2" Unchanged
Right: 28-1/2" Down 1/2"

Calves: Left: 17-3/4" Unchanged
Right: 17-3/4" Unchanged

Total down 4-3/4"
Total up: 1"

Net reduction in inches: 3-3/4"

Although I suspect that I sacrificed some potential weight and inches loss with the setbacks I faced this week, I am reasonable happy with this level of progress and am confident I will be able to get down to 210 lbs within the year.


Week 4 Starts today.


  • I’ve started to reincorporate fruit into my HSM
  • The recommended ‘superfood’ supply lasted only 3 weeks.
  • Down to 3 bags of ‘Metabolic Drive’ protein left, thinking about switching to ‘Optimum Nutrition’ after my supply runs out. Has an equally strong reputation and is easier to get in Canada.
  • Looking forward to a birthday bowl of oatmeal, and some fried eggs on the 28th.

Without further ado, measurements.

Weight: 265.6lbs - down 4.6lb from last week, and 16.6lbs from outset

Neck: 18" - Unchanged

Shoulders: 56" - Down 1/2"

Chest: 49" - Down 1-1/2"

Waist: Above Navel: 48-1/2" - Down 1/2"
Across Navel: 49" - Down 1/2"
Below Navel: 49" - Unchanged

Hips: 44" - Down 1/2"

Upper Arms: Left: 17-1/4" - Down 1/4"
Right: 17-1/4" - Down 1/4"

Upper Legs: Left: 28" - Down 1/2"
Right: 28" - Down 1/2"

Calves: Left: 17-3/4" - Unchanged
Right: 17-1/2" - Down 1/2"

Total Down: 5-1/4"
Total Up: N/A

Net Reduction in inches: 5-1/4

Until next week,


That’s saying something when you are looking forward to a bowl of oatmeal, keep at it man!

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