Taking on the V-Diet Challenge

OK, so here’s my story.

I’m 47 and have been training on and off since I was about 14. Never had great strength but had the desire. I was more interested in looks and sports performance than getting stronger. I know, boo me. I was always a big person. About 3 years ago my wife divorced me. The depression that followed and a sedentary lifestyle made my weight balloon up to 420. I knew I had to make a MAJOR life change and decided on gastric bypass surgery.

Now, I know what many are thinking…that I took the easy way out. To that I say BS. I have to watch everything I eat. I can only eat so much at a time. I probably eat better than many “normal” people out there. I had my surgery 2 years ago. Since starting down this road, I’ve lost about 200 pounds. I went from a 58" waist down to about a 36".

Although I have some loose skin, I’m more muscular than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m still working out in the gym and take karate with my son. I also do a lot of walking and bike riding.

Why the V-Diet:
For me, I have hit a plateau. I’ve been weighing around 220 for the past year. I know I have some extra fat to loose and am hoping to get down to around 200. I was actually down to 189 but that was too low for me. I feel 200-205 is an ideal goal and I hope to get some more speed and agility for my karate.

I’m also hoping that the restricted diet will allow my stomach pouch to shrink a bit. They have the habit of stretching over time and I’m hoping it will shrink a bit.

V-Diet experience so far:
I am currently on day 5. I have to say that I haven’t really been hungry. The only issue is working through the “mouth hunger” where I really want something crunchy. I bought some sugar free popsicles with almost no calories to satisfy that. Also, chewing gum can help.

I have had some issues with flax seed and may make a modification there. I had some problems with bloating on day 4 but not on day 5 so far. It may just be my body adapting.

At first I thought the workouts sounded too easy. I was going to continue training as before. Man, am I glad I didn’t. The 2 workouts so far have drained me. I take karate twice a week and the first class was a killer due to lower energy levels. I test during week 3 and hope to be more acclimated by then.

I honestly have only done 1 NEPA session so far. My work schedule and home responsibilities make it hard to get in but I realize I have to be more consistant.

So far, I’m down 10 pounds. Haven’t done any measurments since the start but my pants do feel a bit looser. Probably my imagination.

So that’s my story. Please don’t judge me because of my surgery. I did what I knew I had to do to live longer. Now I’m just interested in a healthy lifestyle and practicing more of what is on the T-Nation site.

Good luck everyone.

Hey man, not goign to judge you for the surgery… fact of the matter is, you have made positive lifestyle changes and taking on the VD is another great step… 10lbs so far is Awesome!!!

stick with it and post back pics… plenty fellow VDers out here so youve got company… IM on Day 4

Post often and lets kick some ass!!!

You’re a unique V-Dieter. I don’t recall anyone offhand in your situations doing the “V” before. So keep us updated!

Thanks for the encouragmenet. I’ll post updates after week 1.

Day 6:

Not quite as tired today. Stomach cramps have not been noticable. Hunger pangs are also not really there. My HSM is tomorrow. Have to eat out due to my schedule but have been looking at different restaurant menus on the Internet. I’ll post some pre and week 1 stats soon.

OK, here are my end of first week measurments:

Neck: 14.5 to 14.25 -.25
Biceps: 14 to 14.25 +.25
Forearm: 12.5 to 12.25 - .25
Chest: 44.5 to 43.5 -1.0
Waist: 38 to 37 -1.0
Hips: 42 to 41.5 -.5
Thigh: 24 to 23.75 -.25
Calf: 16.75 to 16 -.75

Weight: 232.2 to 220.6 -11.6

These are the measurments I track in a program I use. Probably not that accurate but my pants are looser.

Here’s what I had for my HSM on day 6. I had to take my son to Red Lobster as that’s about the only restaurant he’ll eat at. Tried keeping it healthy. Do some research on the Internet before going out. I had the pick 3 combo…

Mixed salad 7cal 0F 1C 0P
Balsamic vinegar dressing 60cal 5F 12C 0P
Broccoli 91cal 5F 9C 5P
Garlic shrimp scampi 195cal 14F 2C 17P
Wood fire grilled sirloin 250cal 7F 0C 47P
Garlic grilled jumbo shrimp 105cal 1F 20C 17P

Actually increased the daily protein count and did add a great deal of carbs to the total.

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