Taking Indigo3G Long Term

plain and simple, Indigo has changed absolutely everything for me. nothing but greatness.

being in canada, its a bit pricey for me to get though, but i want to continue taking it…until it becomes unavailable or the universe blows up.

do i have to keep taking the 4-6pills, 2 times a day dosage? (Currently taking 4, 2x a day) or is there another way to take it with the same effect?

So far as I know it hasn’t been determined what the one best way for long term reduced-cost use might be, and from individual variability there might well not be one best way.

In general, use absolutely can be only once per day. So there’s an immediate thing that can be done, for sure.

To reduce beyond this, my thoughts on it are that if being systematic there are about 3 ways to do it:

  1. The simplest would be using daily but at substantially reduced dose, for example 2 capsules per day to cut cost in half from using label minimum of 4 capsules per day, or 1 capsule per day to cut cost by 1/4. As opinion, I don’t think this is the way to go. In researching dosage, we saw far superior results at label doses than lower doses, rather than merely proportionally better.

  2. Another way would be to use 4 capsules per day at some number of days per week according to estimated need combined with budgetary constraint. For example, at 3 days per week, a bottle would last nearly 2 months. This method certainly works. How many days per week would have to be chosen individually. If Chris has a recommendation I would go with it rather than mine as he’ll be considering more cases, but my suggestion would be to try 3 days per week and with time see if in your opinion that’s doing what you need, or if it should be increased, or whether you’d like to try reducing further.

  3. Lastly, cycling as needed according to individual judgment. In other words, go without for a while, and when/if finding a need to use again, use at a dosage you like such as 4-6 capsules once per day until feeling you’ve fully improved again.

Whether #2 or #3 is better may depend really on individual style on preference than on anything inherent to the body or the product.

For you, I’d suggest immediately cutting use to once per day, and upon reaching a point where you feel your body function has really improved greatly and there may be no further improvements coming at that dosage, try either of the second two methods to reduce further to save cost.

so the once per day use, at which meal? pre workout meal or post? or earlier in the day?

The present thinking is that for once per day use, 30 minutes prior to dinner is best on non-training days, and on workout days 30 minutes prior to workout supplementation.

That said, any number of people have done their dosing earlier in the day and that works extremely well too.

I’d be confident in either the label approach, or if having carb intake focused more towards the earlier part of the day, having it 30 minutes before the first such meal if desired. The product isn’t dependent on critically-exact timing.

If having no preference or undecided, I’d just go with the 30 minutes before dinner. There’s no going wrong either way.

hmm thanks so much for the advice. Would love to hear what chris has to say about this too

Question along the same lines.

I also love Biotest products and do my best to keep myself stocked with Indigo-3G (made order today).

My issue is the cost of shipping and the customs taxes that accompany every order. Does Biotest/T Nation have any plans to try and get past these extra costs for us at all in the future?

Initially, the dosing was 6 capsules, twice per day, correct?

My plan using Indigo again is to order 3 bottles and take 4 capsules in the morning before breakfast and 5 capsules pre-workout later in the afternoon which will then yield a 30 day supply; 270 capsules/9 capsules per day = 30 days.

Twice per day dosing is superior to once per day. Would you agree?

i know that the recommended dose has the best effect, however, being so expensive to get ahold of it in Canada i wanna make it worth for me. Right now, im using 4 capsules before my preworkout meal.

Should i stick to this? Or use it for an earlier in the day carb meal?

Indigo-3G works extremely well taken at any time during the waking day; timing really is not critical. Obviously we want to optimize the usage and so have evaluated various timings; the label recommendation appears the best way but I don’t think the differences are at all large, compared to earlier-in-the-day dosings prior to carb meals.

I would stick to what you’re doing because it’s a preworkout meal, but if on a workout day you’d like to try it before a carb meal several hours before your workout, I’m confident you could get excellent results that way as well.

Ok, thanks a lot bill. i just ordered another bottle. this stuff has changed everything for me.

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