Taking Indigo-3G with Grapefruit

Well eating grapefruit interfere with Indigo-3G ? I know graefruit can be toxic with certain supplements

It’s not that grapefruit is “toxic” with certain supplements. Grapefruit has a natural chemical that, essentially, can increase the absorption and potency of certain drugs. So it could have the effect of taking a higher-than-suggested dose which, with prescription blood thinners for example, can obviously become dangerous.

As far as I know, it’s not an issue with Indigo. It’s mainly highly concentrated antioxidants that you want to avoid having at the same time. And anyway, if you’re using Indigo as per the label directions (pre-workout or before dinner), you’re not likely to be having grapefruit at that same time either, so you should be fine.

Chris would coffee be considered a highly concentrated antioxidant. I just purchased some Indigo and was trying to find article that tells you what Indigo is contradicted to taking with. I’m a fairly big coffee drinker. Thanks

Not sure there’s a recent article around about it. There was an old Livespill, but that srefered to an earlier version of the Indigo-3G formula so it’s not 100% applicable because it’s been refined and improved since then.

The main issue is “greens supplements” like Superfood and certain antioxidants like quercitin (as found in some Vitamin C formulas) that you don’t want to have at the exact same time as the Indigo caps. Having those things a few hours away from an Indigo dose is fine.

Coffee’s no problem, but tea might be iffy since some blends (like black and green tea) are higher in quercitin.

Ok thanks Chris

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