Taking indigo 3G Post Workout

I have a very busy schedual and I rarely have time to eat solid meals containing carbs. The only time I really eat carbs is after I workout around 150 g in one go. This is when I take my Indigo

Pre workout I usually just have a protein shake.

I have been doing this for 2 days and I am getting the same pumps and amazing energy in the gym

Is this an ok set up. If I train in the evening I will have carbs pre workout and take Indigo then but I notice the same results

My goal is pure fat loss.

I did the 300 g carbs for 4 days and my waist went from 32 to 34.

It’s not ideal. Have you looked into using workout nutrition drinks such as <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma? All you need is a serving 15 minutes before training. Also you may want to look into this: <a href=""target=“new”>What You Don’t Know About Workout Supplementation. A low-carb protein shake pre-workout isn’t doing much for you.

It would cost me around 250$ to get Plazma from the US to europe so its not really an option right now.

If I took Indigo 30 minutes before some fast digesting carbs such as a banana or dark chocolate pre workout would that be a better.

Again, neither of those things really do you any good pre-workout, especially fruit. And the fat content of dark chocolate would blunt any positive effect from the small amount of carbs. Go with cream of rice, oatmeal etc. at least.

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