Taking Indigo-3G on Empty Stomach


Does Indigo-3G need to be taken on a completely empty stomach? I know the label says so, but I am asking only because taking 6 capsules on empty stomach might cause some nausea. Could eating just a little something with it be OK?


There’s no reason why Indigo would cause nausea, but taking it with food will reduce its effects because it needs to get into your system to start working optimally before food starts affecting insulin levels (which happens as soon as you eat anything), otherwise the Indigo is behind the 8-ball trying to play catch-up.

Taking it with food is not ideal and definitely not as effective as it can be, but it’s likely better than not taking it at all.


Ok understood and makes sense. I wasn’t really saying Indigo itself would cause any nausea, but just the fact you have 6 capsules bouncing around your empty stomach might cause some issues.